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The Cards system in Paladins is one of the main features that sets the game apart from other ones in the genre. Cards provide Champions with several different bonuses like modified weapon shots and skills with new effects or higher potency.

Each champion has their own card collection that is exclusive to them, which are organized in 4 categories: First skill, Second skill, Third skill and Armor/Weapon. All players start with 5 card sets for each champion. Additional card sets can be obtained by crafting them or by opening Radiant Chests. Rolling cards already owned will automatically turn them into Currency Gold.png Gold.

Each card has 4 variations (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary) bundled together in sets.

There is also a type of cards called Items, which are extra cards that are purchased during matches with points earned in them to gain extra bonuses. For more information please go to their page: Items.

Card layout[edit | edit source]

Tier: The color of this gem indicates the card's tier.
Champion: This is the portrait of champion the card belongs to.
Name: This is the card's name. If it's a champion card it will mention what tier it is.
Skill/Card Type: This spot will either mention what skill the card affects. Cards that affect weapon shots are labeled "Weapon" while any other defensive card is labeled as "Armor".
Description: This area explains what the card does.
Points Cost: This is how many points this card needs when used in a loadout. The higher the tier, the more points it costs to use it a loadout.
Cooldown: This is the amount of seconds a player has to wait before they can make use of this card's effect again. A "-" means that the card has no cooldown time.

Loadouts and deck building[edit | edit source]

Champions use cards through loadouts. Each loadout is composed of 5 cards. Loadouts are selected and switched during a match by pressing the U key by default from the spawn room. All champions start with a pre-built loadout that players can use.

Apart from the pre-built loadout, players can also create and customize their own loadouts. Each champion can have up to 4 custom loadouts. These loadouts can only have cards that amount to a maximum of 12 points. Each card tier has a different points value:

  • Common cards require 1 point
  • Rare cards require 2 points
  • Epic cards require 3 points
  • Legendary cards require 4 points

Loadouts cannot be saved if they exceed the maximum points limit.

Players can set what loadout they will use by default from the loadouts creation screen.

Card crafting[edit | edit source]

Players can craft unowned cards with Gold. To craft a card players must first either create or edit a loadout for a champion in particular, then click one of the card slots to bring up that champion's card collection. Each card has 4 tiers bundled together in sets. It costs 1200 Currency Gold.png to craft each set of cards.

Golden cards[edit | edit source]

Gold Cards are special, cosmetic variants of regular cards that can be rolled from Radiant Chests. These golden cards will replace existing cards in the player's collection with an updated gold frame.

Once a Gold Card is acquired, the player will also receive a spray of that card's art. Gold Card sprays are usable only by the champion the card belongs to. Currently there are only a few Gold Cards with sprays. More Gold Card sprays will be added in the future.

List of cards[edit | edit source]

Below are several lists with all cards currently available in the game. Hovering the mouse cursor over their name will display a preview of that card.

Card collections[edit | edit source]

All champions in Paladins have their own card collections that cannot be used by any other champion.

CardSkin Champion Androxus.png Androxus' Cards

CardSkin Champion Barik.png Barik's Cards

CardSkin Champion Bomb King.png Bomb King's Cards

CardSkin Champion Buck.png Buck's Cards

CardSkin Champion Cassie.png Cassie's Cards

CardSkin Champion Drogoz.png Drogoz' Cards

CardSkin Champion Evie.png Evie's Cards

CardSkin Champion Fernando.png Fernando's Cards

CardSkin Champion Grohk.png Grohk's Cards

CardSkin Champion Grover.png Grover's Cards

CardSkin Champion Kinessa.png Kinessa's Cards

CardSkin Champion Makoa.png Makoa's Cards

CardSkin Champion Mal'Damba.png Mal'Damba's Cards

CardSkin Champion Pip.png Pip's Cards

CardSkin Champion Ruckus.png Ruckus' Cards

CardSkin Champion Sha Lin.png Sha Lin's Cards

CardSkin Champion Skye.png Skye's Cards

CardSkin Champion Tyra.png Tyra's Cards

CardSkin Champion Viktor.png Viktor's Cards

CardSkin Champion Ying.png Ying's Cards

Card tiers[edit | edit source]

There are 4 different tiers:

CardSkin Gem Green.png Common Cards

CardSkin Gem Blue.png Rare Cards

CardSkin Gem Purple.png Epic Cards

CardSkin Gem Orange.png Legendary Cards

Card type[edit | edit source]

There are several types of cards:

CardType Damage.png Weapon Cards

CardType Armor.png Armor Cards

Videos[edit | edit source]