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Champions are the playable characters in Paladins. Each one has its own unique abilities and fighting style. Champions use Cards to increase their performance, and empower their skills.

Champions are organized in 4 different types: Front Line, Damage, Support and Flank.

Every champion carries an unique weapon and has a set of 4 skills exclusive to them. Apart from that, each champion has a special skill called Ultimate. Ultimate skills are not subject to cooldown, but instead use a meter that once full will unlock it to be used once. After using it, the meter will reset back to 0%. The ultimate meter is mainly filled by dealing damage to enemies, but there is also a passive gain that slowly increases it by 1% every couple of seconds.

New players start with 8 champions unlocked by default for free: Cassie, Drogoz, Fernando, Kinessa, Pip, Skye, Tyra and Viktor.

Additional champions can be purchased for either 5000 Currency Gold.png Gold or 200 Currency Crystals.png Crystals. The latest champion release always costs 7500 Currency Gold.png until another one is released, then it goes down to the default cost. All players that participated in the game's closed beta before April 7, 2016 were given all champions that were available up to Ying.

The Founder's Pack includes the Champion Pack, which automatically unlocks all current and future Champions in the game.

Each champion has their own mastery level, which increases the more they are played. Reaching a new rank grants 500 Currency Gold.png until rank 9. Reaching rank 9–14 will grant 1000 Currency Gold.png, and 1500 Currency Gold.png for reaching rank 15 and on.

Champions[edit | edit source]

Front Line[edit | edit source]

These champions are good at holding the line and protecting their teammates. Front Line champions gain 100% more Currency Credits.png Credits for standing near an objective.

Champion Barik Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Fernando Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Makoa Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Ruckus Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Damage[edit | edit source]

These champions are capable of consistently dealing high amounts of damage. Damage champions gain 100% more Currency Credits.png Credits for dealing damage to enemy champions.

Champion BombKing Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Bomb King
Champion Cassie Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Drogoz Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Kinessa Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion ShaLin Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Sha Lin
Champion Tyra Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Viktor Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Support[edit | edit source]

These are high utility champions, helpful in both offense and defense. Support champions gain 100% more Currency Credits.png Credits for healing allies. Support champions also gain ultimate charge from healing done to teammates besides themselves. Healing that restores 0 Health won't provide ultimate charge.

Champion Grohk Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Grover Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Mal'Damba Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Pip Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Ying Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Flank[edit | edit source]

These champions excel at flanking and taking out key targets from the opponent's rear. Flank champions gain 100% more Currency Credits.png Credits for eliminations on enemies when they are behind enemy lines.

Champion Androxus Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Buck Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Evie Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Skye Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

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