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Currency Credits.png Credits are a currency players can earn during a matches to purchase Items. Credits only last for that match and do not carry over to other matches. At the start of a match, each player receives an specific amount of Currency Credits.png (400 in Siege, 1000 in Payload). More credits can be earned by accomplishing tasks like defeating enemy players, capturing objectives, pushing payload carts, etc.

Also, Champions gain additional credits for doing their intended role:

  • Front Line champions gain 100% more credits for standing near an objective.
  • Support champions gain 100% more credits for healing allies.
  • Flank champions gain 100% more credits for eliminations on enemies when they are behind enemy lines.
  • Damage champions gain 100% more credits for dealing damage to enemy champions.

Defeating a player with items will award bonus credits based on how many items they had. Players show their current item value as a colored crystal next to their name: Green equals to 50-200 Currency Credits.png, Blue equals to 201-500 Currency Credits.png, Purple equals to 501-1000 Currency Credits.png and Orange equals to 1000+ Currency Credits.png.