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Currency Crystals.png Crystals are the premium currency in Paladins. Crystals can be used to unlock Champions, purchase Cosmetic Items and Treasure Chest rolls, and change your in-game username.

Crystals are obtained by buying them with real money through either the in game store or through the Online Store, redeeming promotional codes or from special events. The Daily Reward login bonus also grants players escalating rewards for each consecutive day that they login up to 7 days in a row. The first 5 days grant Currency Gold.png Gold while the last two days award 15 Currency Crystals.png and 35 Currency Crystals.png respectively.

Crystals can also be earned from the Refer-A-Friend system.

Crystal costs[edit | edit source]

200 Crystals 400 Crystals 800 Crystals 1500 Crystals 2500 Crystals 3500 Crystals 8000 Crystals
StoreCrystals 1.png
4.99 USD
StoreCrystals 2.png
7.99 USD
StoreCrystals 3.png
14.99 USD
StoreCrystals 4.png
24.99 USD
StoreCrystals 5.png
34.99 USD
StoreCrystals 6.png
49.99 USD
StoreCrystals 7.png
99.99 USD