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Festive Chest.png

Festive Chests are a type of Treasure Chests in Paladins. This kind of chest can only be purchased with Currency Crystals.png Crystals, each one costing 100 Currency Crystals.png.

This chest was first released on December 7, 2016.

Description[edit | edit source]

Winter is coming... in July! With Exclusive Skins, Accessories, and Weapons!

Body skins[edit | edit source]

Champion Evie Icon.png
(Epic, Exclusive)
Evie Merrymaker Icon.png

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Champion Androxus Icon.png
Dashers Antlers
(Rare, Exclusive)
Androxus Head Dashers Antlers Icon.png
Champion Evie Icon.png
Merrymaker Ribbons
(Epic, Exclusive)
Evie Head Merrymaker Ribbons Icon.png
Champion Grover Icon.png
Frosty Foliage
(Epic, Exclusive)
Grover Head Frosty Foliage Icon.png
Champion Kinessa Icon.png
Chillweave Beanie
(Rare, Exclusive)
Kinessa Head Chillweave Beanie Icon.png

Weapon skins[edit | edit source]

Champion Barik Icon.png
Festive Blunderbuss
(Rare, Exclusive)
Barik Weapon Festive Blunderbuss Icon.png
Champion Evie Icon.png
Merrymaker Cane
(Epic, Exclusive)
Evie Weapon Merrymaker Cane Icon.png
Champion Makoa Icon.png
Snow Cannon
(Epic, Exclusive)
Makoa Weapon Snow Cannon Icon.png
Champion Pip Icon.png
Festive Launcher
(Rare, Exclusive)
Pip Weapon Festive Launcher Icon.png
Sha Lin
Champion ShaLin Icon.png
Jolly Long Bow
(Rare, Exclusive)
Sha Lin Weapon Jolly Long Bow Icon.png

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