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Accolades are medals and titles awarded for a player's accomplishments during a match, and are featured on the End of Match Screen. Players will be presented with the accomplishments of their entire team. Each player of the team will receive a unique accolade title based on their best accomplishments and statistics showcased during the match. Also each player will be awarded with medals for the personal accomplishments. Each accolade medal has three versions: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold is given to the players who did the best in each category, with silver and bronze being given to those who would be in "2nd" and "3rd" places respectively.

Accolades medals also give bonus Currency Gold.png Gold. Gold accolades grant 25 Currency Gold.png, Silver accolades grant 15 Currency Gold.png and Bronze accolades grant 5 Currency Gold.png.

List of accolades[edit | edit source]

Accolade TopDamage.png Flank Kills

Granted to the players that got the highest amount of flank kills during that match.

Accolade MostEliminations.png Most Eliminations

Granted to the players that got the highest amount of eliminations during that match.

Accolade MostHealing.png Most Healing

Granted to the players that healed the most hit points during that match.

Accolade MostObjectiveTime.png Most Objective Time

Granted to the players that spent the largest amount of time capturing and/or escorting objectives during that match.

Accolade MostShielding.png Most Shielding

Granted to the players that absorbed the largest amount of damage with shields and mitigation during that match.

Accolade MostSoloKills.png Most Solo Kills

Granted to the player that got the highest amount of enemy kills without assistance during that match.

Accolade TopDamage.png Top Damage

Granted to the players that dealt the highest amount of damage during that match.

Accolade TopKillstreak.png Top Killstreak

Granted to the players that got the largest killstreak during that match.

Accolade TopMultikill.png Top Multikill

Granted to the players that got the largest amount of kills in quick succession during that match.

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