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Known Animals[edit | edit source]

In-Game Animals and animal like creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Ability Guardian Spirit.png Luna (Io's familiar)
  • Ability Scamper.png Po-Li (Moji's familiar)
  • Ability Scout.png Zigs (Cassie's bird companion)

Card Art Animals[edit | edit source]

Androxus Cards

Buck Cards

Cassie Cards

Drogoz Cards

Evie Cards


Jenos Cards

Lian Cards

Maeve Cards

  • Card Shred.png Purple Crystal Cat (from Shred)

Makoa Cards

Mal'Damba Cards

Moji Cards

  • Card Boop.png Giant Wolf (from Boop)
  • Card Cozy.png Squirrels, bird, and butterflies (from Cozy)
  • Card Fluffy.png Large Fluffy Creature (from Fluffy)
  • Card Scurry.png Cat and Hamster-like Creatures (from Scurry)
  • Card Wobbles.png Reptilian Makoa-like Mount (from Wobbles)

Seris Cards

Tiberius Cards

Torvald Cards

Tyra Cards

  • Card Tracker.png Large Three Toed Creature (from Tracker)

Willo Cards

Other[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown if Mal'Damba's snake is a purely natural snake, or a powered version gifted by Wekono.
  • It is unknown if Po-Li is unique in its appearance and abilities, or is simply a younger version of the creature shown in Tiberius' card Test of Strength.


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