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Boosters are a way for players to increase the rewards they gain from matches.

Account Boosters[edit | edit source]

AccountBooster Icon.png

Account Boosters are bought with Currency Crystals.png Crystals and can last between a week (7 days) and one month (30 days). Players can check the time remaining by looking at the buttons on the top right corner of the main lobby screen.

While an Account Booster is active, Currency Gold.png Gold gain is increased by a 100% and both Account and Champion experience gain are increased by 50%. Additionally, Radiant Chests will also drop one extra item and the the daily rewards will increase by 200 Currency Gold.png or 5 Currency Crystals.png. If there are no active Account Boosters, one can be purchased after rolling a radiant chest to claim the extra item.

7 Days
30 Days
200 Currency Crystals.png 600 Currency Crystals.png

Party Boost[edit | edit source]

PartyBoost Icon.png

Party Boosts are a special type of booster that is enabled when playing with one or more players in a party.

Party Boosts increase the Gold, Account XP and Champion XP gain by 10% of all players in the group.