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In general, as stated here, most skins in Paladins are not considered canon or part of the lore. However, there are a few skins that have certain degrees of canonicity to them.

Canon Skins[edit | edit source]

These skins are completely canon the lore and have no current conflicting information regarding their canonicity. This category includes:

  • Skye guild small.png Guild Skye - As can be seen here, this skin has appeared in an official lore video. No other evidence is currently known that contradicts the canonicity of this skin. It is unknown why Skye took up this appearance.

Partially Canon[edit | edit source]

Parts of these skins are confirmed to be somewhat canon, but not completely. They are as follows:

  • Vora honorguard small.png Honor Guard Vora - Appearing at the start of Vora's reveal trailer, this skin is used to represent a number Vora's fellow fallen warriors. This was most likely done to save on resources, so while this skin does not depict a canonical version of Vora, it can be thought to possibly represent other warriors of Io to a limited degree.
  • Ash skadrin small.png Ska'drin Ash - When first released, Ska'drin Ash was noted to have a few lines towards Mal'Damba, revealing a potential connecting between the Ska'drin and Wekono. It was later revealed here, that this skin is partially canon, and that Wekono is at least acknowledged by the Ska'drin.

Echo Skins[edit | edit source]

Echo Skins, as revealed here, are alternate versions of a champion from another reality. As also revealed there, the only currently confirmed Echo Skins are as follows:

  • Corvus magnus small.png Pyre-Lord Magnus - An alternate version of Corvus. Potentially representing an unseen Pyre-Lord. It is unknown if Magnus is currently in the Realm.
  • Pip remixpepper small.png Remix Pepper - Accidentally summoned to the Realm by Pip (as revealed (timestamp 53:20) here), Pepper is an alternate version of the Vulpin. It is unknown if Pepper is still in the Realm.

Potential Echo Skins[edit | edit source]

These skins fit the description of alternate versions of a champion from another reality, but have not yet been officially confirmed to be Echo Skins. They are as follows:

  • Atlas legionnaire small.png Legionnaire Atlas - As revealed here, Legionnare Atlas is an alternate version of Atlas from a better future where the fight against the Darkness was more successful, so there was no reason for this version of Atlas to go back in time.

Possibly Canon[edit | edit source]

These skins have either appeared in official lore related media, or have otherwise been confirmed to be canon, but for one reason or another, are currently questionably canon. They are as follows:

  • Drogoz abyssallord small.png Abyssal Lord Drogoz - The main antagonist of the Rise of Furia event, Abyssal Lord Drogoz has appeared during an in-game cutscene, as well as Raum's card Apocalypse. In a statement shown here, Abyssal Lord Drogoz the skin was stated to not literally be one of the Abyssal Lords. The exact canonicity of this skin is uncertain, though based on the previous statement, as well as the fact the skin is heavily inspired by the Abyssal creature that appeared in the Rise of Furia lore cinematic, which released as part of the same update, it's possible this skin is merely meant to be a stand-in for the creature from the lore cinematic. All of this is currently unconfirmed, however.
  • Furia aurora small.png Aurora Furia - This skin was stated to be a powered-up version of Furia (timestamp 1:04:10) here. However, this skin may no longer be considered canon, as can be seen here.
  • Shalin outlaw small.png Outlaw Sha Lin - This skin was stated to be an older version of Sha Lin who's been through a lot more (timestamp 55:35) here. However, similarly to Aurora Furia, this skin may no longer be considered canon, as can be seen here.
  • Moji dragonborn small.png Dragonborn Moji - This skin was stated to be a more mature version of Moji (timestamp 59:30) here. However, as with the previous two, this skin may no longer be considered canon, as can be seen here.
  • Khan overlord small.png Overlord Khan - This skin was stated as depicting a younger version of Khan, one who's wearing an earlier version of his armor, and has his personality cranked up to 11, as shown (timestamp 51:40) here. However, as with the previous three, this skin may no longer be considered canon, as can be seen here.

Conflicting Information[edit | edit source]

  • According to Paladins artist Thunderbrush here, Abyssal Lord Drogoz is an Echo skin. However, due to Abyssal Lord Drogoz seemingly being more tied to canon than an alternate reality, it is difficult to say if this is accurate.
  • Also according to Thunderbrush here, Pyre-Lord Magnus is not a Pyre Lord, but instead a servant of the Pyre.
  • Thunderbrush has also stated that Pyre-Lord Magnus is canon to the main story, though whether this means Magnus is currently in the Realm is not confirmed.
    • However, another statement conflicts with this information, saying Magnus isn't part of the main timeline and is not really canon.


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