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En cours de traduction !

Un Champions est un personnage jouable Paladins. Chacun possède ses propres compétences et son propre style de combat. Les Champions utilise des Cards pour améliorer leurs compétences, et des Items à acheter en jeu pour s'adapter à la situation de la partie.

Les Champions sont organiser en 4 différent types: Front Line, Damage, Support et Flank.

Chaque champion possède une arme unique, 4 compétences, et une compétence spécial appeler ultimate. les compétence ultime ne sont pas sujet à un cooldown, mais à la place, elle possède un compteur qui doit être chargé a 100% avant de pouvoir être utilisé. Ce compteur gagne passivement 1% de charge toutes les 3.33s mais peut être activement augmenté en infligeant des dégâts aux ennemis et soignant les alliés. Porter un coup fatal a un ennemi avec un killstreak augmente de 10% la charge ultime tout les 5 kill qu'il a fait. L'utilisation d'un ultimate épuisera son compteur, lui permettant de se recharger à nouveau.

Each champion also posseses 4 unique Talents. Talents grant access to different playstyles by providing strong boosts to certain aspects of the champion, with some talents even causing radical changes to the way their weapon or skills work, usually at the cost of some counterbalancing penalty.

New players start with 5 champions unlocked by default: Cassie, Jenos, Lex, Ruckus and Viktor. Players also gain temporary access to 4 champions from a rotating free champion schedule. The free rotation is changed every 2 weeks.

Additional champions can be purchased for either Currency Gold.png Gold or Currency Crystals.png Crystals. The majority of the cast costs 30000 Currency Gold.png / 200 Currency Crystals.png to unlock while the most recently released champions cost 60000 Currency Gold.png / 300 Currency Crystals.png. A few champions (such as Buck and Grohk) cost 15000 Currency Gold.png / 100 Currency Crystals.png instead.

The Founder's Pack includes the Champion Pack, which automatically unlocks all current and future Champions in the game without any additional costs.

Each champion has their own Mastery Level, which increases the more they are played. Achieving new levels with a champion grants special rewards.

Players are required to have at least 14 owned champions to access Ranked.

Champions[edit | edit source]

Class Front Line Icon.png Front Line[edit | edit source]

These champions excel at maintaining control of objectives and protecting their teammates. Front Line champions gain 100% more Currency Credits.png Credits for standing near an objective.

Champion Ash Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Barik Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Fernando Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Inara Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Khan Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Makoa Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Ruckus Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Terminus Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Torvald Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Class Damage Icon.png Damage[edit | edit source]

These champions can consistently deal high amounts of damage. Damage champions gain 100% more Currency Credits.png Credits for dealing damage to enemy champions.

Champion BombKing Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Bomb King
Champion Cassie Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Dredge Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Drogoz Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Kinessa Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Lian Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion ShaLin Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Sha Lin
Champion Strix Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Tyra Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Viktor Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Vivian Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Willo Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Class Support Icon.png Support[edit | edit source]

These champions offer a wide range of utility, both offensive and defensive. Support champions gain 100% more Currency Credits.png Credits for healing allies. They gain eliminations from healing a target that gets the killing blow on an enemy. Support champions also gain ultimate charge from healing done to teammates besides themselves. Healing that restores 0 Health (example, healing someone who is at full health) won't provide ultimate charge.

Champion Furia Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Grohk Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Grover Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Jenos Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Mal'Damba Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Pip Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Seris Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Ying Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Class Flank Icon.png Flank[edit | edit source]

These champions excel in both damage and mobility to help them in combat as well as chase and confirm kills from the enemy's rear. Flank champions gain 30% more Currency Credits.png Credits from landing killing blows on enemies.

Champion Androxus Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Buck Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Evie Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Koga Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Lex Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Maeve Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Moji Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Skye Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Talus Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png
Champion Zhin Icon.pngTransparentChampion-icon.png

Videos[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All players that participated in the game's closed beta before April 7, 2016 were given all champions that were available back then for free.
  • All champions have a distinct crystal encrusted in their weapons and/or outfit.

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