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Cosmetic Items are optional unlockable elements that have no effect on gameplay. Most of these cosmetics are unlocked with either Currency Gold.png Gold or Currency Crystals.png Crystals, but there are also some that are unlocked through special promotions and events.

Champion Skins[edit | edit source]

Champion Skins allow players to customize the outfit of their champions. These are componsed of a Body skin and and Accessory. Both pieces can be mixed and matched with the pieces from other skins through the Customize tab in the champion's profile. Champion skins that have a voice pack associated with it will have it included in the bundle. The cost of a champion skin is based on their tier.

Weapon Skins[edit | edit source]

Weapon Skins change the look of a champion's Weapon. There are several weapon skins that match with some champion skins. Weapon skins are equipped from the Customize tab in the champion's profile. The cost of each skin is based on their tier.

Voice packs[edit | edit source]

Voice packs replace the champion's voice and the files used for the Voice Guided System when playing as that champion. Each voice pack is bound to each champion and can't be used with other ones. Players can choose which set of voice lines they'll use from the Customize tab in the champion's profile. Some voice packs are bundled together with the champion skin they are associated with.

Purchasing the Founder's Pack will automatically unlock every common voice pack along with every champion.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Emotes replace the default emotes of a champion. Each emote is exclusive to each champion and can't be equipped by any other one. Players can choose which emotes a champion will use from the Customize tab in the champion's profile.

Emotes can only be obtained from Radiant Chests.

MVP poses[edit | edit source]

MVP (Most Valuable Player) poses replace the default pose used by a champion after the round has ended. Each MVP pose is exclusive to each champion and can't be equipped by any other one. Players can choose which MVP pose a champion will use from the Customize tab in the champion's profile.

Most MVP poses can only be obtained from Radiant Chests.

Sprays[edit | edit source]

Sprays are decals that players can apply to surfaces on any map. Sprays are bound to the T key by default. Most sprays are obtained by rolling golden cards from a Radiant Chest and that are bound to the champion the card belongs to, but there are also certain event exclusive ones that can be equipped by anyone.

This is a list of Spays available to all champions:

Default HRX 2017
(Rare, Limited)
Invitational 2017
(Rare, Limited)
Trophy 2017
(Rare, Limited)
All Spray Default.png All Spray HRX 2017.png All Spray Invitational 2017.png All Spray Trophy 2017.png
Nothing 2017 Digital Loot Pack exclusive 2017 Digital Loot Pack exclusive 2017 Digital Loot Pack exclusive
(Rare, Exclusive)
Champions 2017
(Rare, Exclusive)
(Epic, Exclusive)
All Spray McDreamy.png All Spray Champions 2017.png All Spray Get Rekt.png
Rolls from Valentine Chest.png only Only available by purchasing the Burrito Collection Rolls from REKT Weapons Chest.png only

Mount Skins[edit | edit source]

Mount Skins will replace the look of the mount that a champion uses during matches.


All Mount Default Icon.png


Scarlet Charger


All Mount Scarlet Charger Icon.png

All Mount Scarlet Charger.png

400 Currency Crystals.png

Onyx Stallion

(Rare, Exclusive)

All Mount Onyx Stallion Icon.png

All Mount Onyx Stallion.png

Infernal Warhorse

(Rare, Exclusive)

All Mount Infernal Warhorse Icon.png

All Mount Infernal Warhorse.png

Founder's Pack exclusive

Candy Unicorn

(Rare, Exclusive)

All Mount Candy Unicorn Icon.png

All Mount Candy Unicorn.png

Rolls from Valentine Chest.png only


(Rare, Exclusive)

All Mount Frostmare Icon.png

All Mount Frostmare.png

Realm Pack exclusive

Titles[edit | edit source]

Titles are a type of cosmetic item that is equipped on the account profile. Titles are earned by getting a champion to Mastery level 20 and is the title of that specific champion. New titles are planned to be added based on Achievements and various awards.

Champion Androxus Icon.png The Godslayer (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Androxus.
Champion Kinessa Icon.png The Bounty Hunter (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Kinessa.
Champion Ying Icon.png The Blossom (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Ying.
Champion Drogoz Icon.png The Greedy (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Drogoz.
Champion BombKing Icon.png His Majesty (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Bomb King.
Champion Viktor Icon.png The Lone Wolf (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Viktor.
Champion Makoa Icon.png The Ancient (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Makoa.
Champion Mal'Damba Icon.png The Wekono's Chosen (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Mal'Damba.
Champion ShaLin Icon.png The Desert Wind (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Sha Lin.
Champion Tyra Icon.png The Untamed (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Tyra.
Champion Fernando Icon.png The Self Appointed Knight (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Fernando.
Champion Ruckus Icon.png The Worst of Friends (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Ruckus.
Champion Grohk Icon.png The Lightning Orc (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Grohk.
Champion Pip Icon.png The Rogue Alchemist (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Pip.
Champion Cassie Icon.png The Hunters Daughter (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Cassie.
Champion Barik Icon.png The Master Mechanic (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Barik.
Champion Skye Icon.png The Twilight Assassin (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Skye.
Champion Evie Icon.png The Winter Witch (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Evie.
Champion Torvald Icon.png The Runic Sage (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Torvald.
Champion Grover Icon.png The Wild (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Grover.
Champion Inara Icon.png The Stone Warden (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Inara.
Champion Lex Icon.png The Hand of Justice (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Lex.
Champion Maeve Icon.png of Blades (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Maeve.
Champion Seris Icon.png Oracle of the Abyss (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Seris.
Champion Buck Icon.png The Unyielding (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Buck.
Champion Willo Icon.png of the Summer Court (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Willo.
Champion Ash Icon.png The War Machine (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Ash.
Champion Zhin Icon.png The Tyrant (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Zhin.
Champion Lian Icon.png Scion of House Aico (Rare)
Reach Mastery 20 with Lian.
Champion Jenos Icon.png The Ascended (Rare)
Reach mastery 20 with Jenos.

Announcer Packs[edit | edit source]

Bomb King


Announcer Bomb King.png

200 Currency Crystals.png



Announcer Drybear.png

200 Currency Crystals.png



Announcer Evie.png

200 Currency Crystals.png