Cosmetic Obtainability

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Cosmetic Obtainability are categories of Cosmetic Items in the game.

Mastery Character Progression Obtainability[edit | edit source]

  • Items that become unlocked or available for purchasing through Character Progression
  • Examples: Mastery Emotes, Gold Skins, Champion Titles

Standard Obtainability[edit | edit source]

  • Cosmetics that are available for direct purchase immediately
  • Examples: Champion Recolors, Huntsman Androxus, Alley Cat Maeve

Exclusive Obtainability[edit | edit source]

  • Exclusive items are not available for direct purchase, but through other means – Events, Battle Passes, Chests, etc.
  • Exclusive content is rotated in and out, and not always available for purchase.
  • Examples: Archangel Tyra, Akuma Makoa, Cutting Shapes (Maeve Dance Emote), Trick or Treat Talus

Unlimited Obtainability[edit | edit source]

  • Unlimited Items are event-based items that become available for direct purchase after their event has ended, but for the full premium price of that event.
  • The direct purchase option only includes the event reward skin, and not the content bundled with it during the event.
  • Unlimited Skins will always be available for direct purchase, and never rotate out.
  • Unlimited Skins will never be available at a discount or available in Chests or the Deal of the Day.
  • Examples: Full Moon Viktor

Limited Obtainability[edit | edit source]

  • Limited Edition are only available for a single time period. Once their special event or promotion has ended, they will never be available in-game again.
  • Example: Abyssal Lord Drogoz, Crimson Serpent Mount, Convention Skins