Cosmetic Wheel

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The Cosmetic Wheel released in Paladins Update 1.3 brings a new feature that allows the player to use multiple Sprays and Emotes in game. Players can equip up to 4 total Sprays and 4 total Emotes.

The Cosmetic Wheel can be accessed by Selecting G on PC, or LEFT D-PAD on Console, replacing Weapon Inspect. Players can still use their binds for Sprays, which will play the last selected on the Cosmetic Wheel.

  • Weapon Inspect
  • Access from the Cosmetic Wheel.
  • Voice Lines
  • Taunt!
  • Joke
  • Laugh
  • Emotes
  • There are 4 Emote Slots. Emote Slots are per Champion.
  • Sprays
  • There are 4 Spray Slots. Spray Slots are Global and carry across all Champions.