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Dark Tides is an event to celebrate the release of a new champion, Dredge, and to expand Paladins' lore. This event began on September 27, 2018.

Additional information can be found here: Dark Tides promo site

Description[edit | edit source]

Fear the Night

Hushed whispers tell of Dredge’s exploits on the eight oceans -- and of the treasures he has hoarded away. Not even death could stop the Admiral of the Abyss, now borne back into the world atop the horrid tentacles of the Abyss. Beware, all who dare sail his seas.

All knew fear when sailing the 8 oceans of the Realm. Admiral Dredge took as he wished and those few who survived spread the tale far and wide. But even Dredge, mighty as he was on the open seas, had his limits...until the Abyss found him.

The Abyss' most unsightly monsters have been dredged up und are invading the Realm! Expel these Abyssal Echoes from matches before they can escape, collecting the Dark Doubloons that linked their spirits to our realm. The Merchants of the Dark Exchange may have interest in taking them off your hands.

Abyssal Echos[edit | edit source]

During the Dark Tides Event every Siege, Team Deathmatch, and Onslaught game will have a 25% chance to spawn one of four Abyssal Echos during the match. These Abyssal Echos are Boss variations of the exclusive Dark Tides event skins, featuring unique movesets and voice lines.

  • Death Speaker Ying
  • Knightmare Fernando
  • Day Walker Vivian
  • Full Moon Viktor

Defeat the Halloween Horrors[edit | edit source]

Once an Abyssal Echo appears, players will have a short time to defeat the Echo before it tears open a portal and escapes to the Abyss. Destroying Death Speaker Ying, Knightmare Fernando, or Day Walker Vivian will award every contributing player 1 Dark Doubloon Currency Dark Doubloon.png to spend at the Dark Tides event store, the Dark Exchange.

Careful! There have been sightings of a rare Abyssal Echo howling in the night. Defeat Full Moon Viktor and you’ll find yourself with a special Gold Doubloon Currency Gold Doubloon.png. Gold Doubloons Currency Gold Doubloon.png can be exchanged for Limited Special Variations of the Dark Tides skins – available only during this event.

Cosmetic items[edit | edit source]

These are the items that are available during the event. Each bundle costs 500 Currency Crystals.png Crystals to unlock.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Dark Tides Bundle Promo.jpg

LoadingArt Fernando Knightmare.png

Knightmare Bundle:

 Bullet.png Knightmare Fernando (Epic Skin)
 Bullet.png Colossus (Exclusive Fernando MVP Pose)
 Bullet.png Knightmare (Exclusive Avatar)
 Bullet.png Knightmare’s Artifact
LoadingArt Vivian Day Walker.png

Day Walker Bundle:

 Bullet.png Day Walker Vivian (Epic Skin)
 Bullet.png Complacent (Exclusive Vivian MVP Pose)
 Bullet.png Day Walker (Exclusive Avatar)
 Bullet.png Day Walker’s Artifact
LoadingArt Ying Death Speaker.png

Death Speaker Bundle:

 Bullet.png Death Speaker Ying (Epic Skin)
 Bullet.png Limitless (Exclusive Ying MVP Pose)
 Bullet.png Death Speaker (Exclusive Avatar)
 Bullet.png Death Speaker’s Artifact

Collection bonus[edit | edit source]

LoadingArt Viktor Full Moon.png

Full Moon Bundle:

 Bullet.png Full Moon Viktor (Unlimited Skin)
 Bullet.png 1 Currency Vault Key.png Vault Key
 Bullet.png Feral (Limited Viktor MVP Pose)
 Bullet.png Dark Tides (Limited Loading Frame)
 Bullet.png Harbinger (Exclusive Avatar)
 Bullet.png Boo!-ty-licious (Limited Title)

Event Store[edit | edit source]

Spend your Currency Gold Doubloon.png Gold Doubloons, Currency Dark Doubloon.png Dark Doubloons or Currency Crystals.png Crystals at the Event Store to get legendary, epic and rare exclusive items. You will be able to spend your Doubloons after purchasing one of the bundles.

Limited recolores Dark Tides skins[edit | edit source]

Dark Tides Recolor Promo.jpg

LoadingArt Fernando Sanguine.pngSanguine (Epic Limited Fernando Skin) - 1 Currency Gold Doubloon.png / 1000 Currency Crystals.png
LoadingArt Vivian Contessa.pngContessa (Epic Limited Vivian Skin) - 1 Currency Gold Doubloon.png / 1000 Currency Crystals.png
LoadingArt Ying Banshee.pngBanshee (Epic Limited Ying Skin) - 1 Currency Gold Doubloon.png / 1000 Currency Crystals.png

Other cosmetics[edit | edit source]

  • Jolly Roger (Legendary 3D Spray) - 15 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • Blasphemous Idol (Epic Death Stamp) - 15 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • Boo! (Epic Static Spray) - 5 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • Ghoulish Goalie (Rare Jenos Skin) - 5 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • Grave-robber’s Spoils (Rare Torvald Skin) - 5 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • Lil’ Andy (Rare Ruckus Skin) - 5 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • Parasite (Rare Seris Skin) - 5 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • Screech (Rare Androxus Skin) - 5 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • 1,000 Currency Gold.png (No purchase limit) - 1 Currency Dark Doubloon.png
  • 10,000 Currency Gold.png (No purchase limit) - 1 Currency Gold Doubloon.png

The Vault[edit | edit source]

Spend your Currency Vault Key.png Vault Key to get new epic, exclusive skin or to unlock past Exclusive Event Skins. You will get your Currency Vault Key.png Vault Key after purchasing all three bundles.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Complete quests to earn treasure chests, Spray and Title as bonus rewards. Progress can be made for all quests at the same time.

PlayerQuest Halloween.png Privateer

Objective: Collect 15 Dark Doubloons Currency Dark Doubloon.png

Reward: Colossal Chest.png Gold Chest

PlayerQuest Halloween.png Buried Treasure

Objective: Collect 30 Dark Doubloons Currency Dark Doubloon.png

Reward: Little Box of Horrors Chest.png Little Box of Horrors

PlayerQuest Halloween.png Ghost Catcher

Objective: Kill all the Abyssal Echoes (Ying, Fernando, Vivian, Viktor)

Reward: Spray Grinning Gourds

PlayerQuest Halloween.png Salty Salty Dog

Objective: Play 150 games

Reward: Title The Salty

Videos[edit | edit source]