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Store Death Stamp Icon.png

Death Stamps are Cosmetic Items that allow players to leave behind a special object in the place of where a player has killed an enemy. These objects dropped have no effect on gameplay and are merely cosmetic.

List of Death Stamps[edit | edit source]


(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp RIP Icon.png
RIP Death Stamp.png

200 Currency Crystals.png  •  Battle Pass 1 Chest.png  •  Little Box of Horrors Chest.png  •  Currency Ticket.png
once Battle Pass 1 Level 10 Battle Pass Level


(Epic, Limited)

Death Stamp Effigy Icon.png
Effigy Death Stamp.png

once Unlock every Rise of Furia Bundle
1200 Currency Crystals.png

Ruby Stinger

(Epic, Limited)

Death Stamp Ruby Stinger Icon.png
Ruby Stinger Death Stamp.png

once Battle Pass 2
Level 50 Battle Pass Level

Skylord Seal

(Epic, Limited)

Death Stamp Skylord Seal Icon.png
Skylord Seal Death Stamp.png

once Reach 60 Points at the Dragon's Call Event

Blasphemous Idol

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Blasphemous Idol Icon.png
Blasphemous Idol Death Stamp.png

200 Currency Crystals.png  •  once Dark Tides Event Store ( 15 Dark Doubloons )

Chomp Chomp

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Chomp Chomp Icon.png
Chomp Chomp Death Stamp.png

200 Currency Crystals.png  •  once Battle Pass 3
Level 40 Battle Pass Level

Gingerdead House

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Gingerdead House Icon.png
Gingerdead House Death Stamp.png

Currency Ticket.png
once Merry Mayhem Event Store ( 3 Sweets )

Get Mech'd

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Get Mech'd Icon.png
Get Mech'd Death Stamp.png

once Battle Suit Battle Pass
Level 20 Battle Pass Level

Lunar Altar

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Lunar Altar Icon.png
Lunar Altar Death Stamp.png

once End Times Event: Collect 160 Chrono-Shards


(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp K.O. Icon.png
K.O. Death Stamp.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Cluck'em Icon.png
Cluck'em Death Stamp.png

once Unlock every Street Style Bundle
1200 Currency Crystals.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Anvil Icon.png
Anvil Death Stamp.png

once Steel Forged Battle Pass
Level 30 Battle Pass Level


(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Grilled Icon.png
Grilled Death Stamp.png

once Shore Patrol Battle Pass
Level 20 Battle Pass Level

Dead Man's Chest

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Dead Man's Chest Icon.png
Dead Man's Chest Death Stamp.png

Frontier Justice

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Frontier Justice Icon.png
Frontier Justice Death Stamp.png

once Wild West Battle Pass
Level 20 Battle Pass Level

Pool Shark

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Pool Shark Icon.png
Pool Shark Death Stamp.png

Canopic Jar

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Canopic Jar Icon.png
Canopic Jar Death Stamp.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Hatchling Icon.png
Hatchling Death Stamp.png

Fallen Star

(Epic, Exclusive)

Death Stamp Fallen Star Icon.png
Fallen Star Death Stamp.png

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