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Diminishing returns

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Diminishing returns is a mechanic in Paladins that makes many different types of effects (both positive and negative effects) less effective when stacked up or reused on a recently affected target. These effects can be gained from champion skills, cards and/or items.

Champions will always receive the full value of their single highest bonus in an attribute, and all other bonuses will diminish on top of that value (e.g. a champion has 4 movement speed bonuses: 30%, 20%, 20%, and 10%. The champion is guaranteed to get the full value from the 30% bonus, the other will diminish on top of that 30%. Their total movement speed will be 55.00%). Movement Speed has a maximum increase of 150% while all other attributes have a maximum increase of 95%. Diminishing Returns will never kick in until a champion receives at least a 30% change in an attribute.

Attributes that oppose each other will stack their diminished values additively against each other. Movement Speed opposes slow. Damage Reduction opposes Damage amp. Healing increase opposes healing reduction.

Here is the formula for diminishing returns for movement speed increases:

  • x = total movement speed bonus
  • m = highest single movement speed bonus
  • y = final diminished value
  • y = m+(1.5-m)*((x-m)/((x-.3)+1.36))

Here is the formula for diminishing returns for all other attributes:

  • x = total attribute bonus
  • m = highest single attribute bonus
  • y = final diminished value
  • y = m+(.95-m)*((x-m)/((x-.3)+.8))