Evie’s Year-End Yuletide

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Evie’s Year-End Yuletide is an event. This event started at December 11, 2019 and ended at December 22, 2019. During this event the player receives double Battle Pass XP.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Twas’ the night before Evie’s Year-End Yuletide and all through the Realm:

Not a Champion was stirring, not even Fernando under his helm.

Happy Holidays to all in the Realm!

To all of our Champions, ‘tis the season of giving! And Evil Mojo is going to be giving you 12 days of thanks for being a part of our community.

Plan[edit | edit source]

Day 1 – December 11th

2X Battle Pass XP Begins (Will continue until the end of the event!)

Day 2 – December 12th

Mistletoe Spray Returns (50% OFF)

Day 3 – December 13th

25% OFF Ice Cold Chest (Runs December 13th-15th)

Chest includes the following skins:

  • Black Ice Evie
  • Winter Grover
  • Ice Walker Inara
  • Merrymaker Lian
  • Arctic Pip
  • Jotumn Terminus
  • Red Winter Tyra
  • Frostmare Mount

Day 4 – December 14th

Gingerdead House (Death Stamp) – First Win of the Day Reward

Day 5 – December 15th

Secret Avatar of Adanas – First Win of the Day Reward

Day 6 – December 16th

All Champions Unlocked

Day 7 – December 17th

Naughty Yeti Spray Returns (50% OFF)

Day 8 – December 18th

2X Champion XP Begins (Continues until end of event!)

Day 9 – December 19th

All Champions Unlocked (Continues until end of event!)

Day 10 – December 20th

40% Lunar Chest (Runs December 20th-22nd)

Chest includes the following skins:

  • Madame Seris
  • Firecracker Willo
  • Heirloom Crest Ash
  • Prosperous Makoa
  • Lotus Tyra

Day 11 – December 21st

Festive Furia Spray – First Win of the Day Reward

Day 12 (Final Day) – December 22nd

25 Crystals per First Win of the Day (Up to 100 total!)

First Win of the Day Rewards[edit | edit source]

December 14
Gingerdead House
Death Stamp
Death Stamp Gingerdead House Icon.png
December 15
Lenny the Pirate
Avatar Lenny the Pirate Icon.gif
December 21
Festive Furia
All Spray Festive Furia Icon.png


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