First Scourge

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The First Scourge was a goblin encroachment stopped by the former Paladins with the help of the Stagalla.

During the goblin encroachment of the First Scourge - one of the major conflicts in history - the original Paladins formed to defend the Realm. They created the stagalla, a loyal and protective race of stone people, to aid them. With their help, the Paladins defeated the first goblin scourge. It is unknown if the stagalla helped during the Second Scourge as well.

  • This information was found in Inara's bio.
  • In his bio, Grover is mentioned to have fought off one of the scourges as well, however, it isn't specified which of the two he fought against.
    • It was later implied here that Grover fought both of the scourges.
  • It was stated here, that the people of the Shattered Desert and the ska'drins did not help fight the scourges, offering some explanation on why the ska'drins are discriminated against.


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