First Scourge

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The First Scourge was a goblin encroachment stopped by the former Paladins with the help of the Stagalla.

During the goblin encroachment of the First Scourge - one of the major conflicts in prehistory - the Paladins resorted to creating the stagalla, a loyal and protective race of stone people. With their help, the Paladins finally defeat the goblins, and the stagalla started a centuries-long slumber having fulfilled their oath to Valera.

  • This information was found in Inara's bio.
  • In his bio, Grover is mentioned to have fought off one of the scourges as well, however, it isn't specified which of the two he fought against.
  • In his bio, Grohk is also mentioned to have fought off a goblin attack, however, it isn't specified which or if this was part of a scourge or an unrelated incident.


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