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Long ago, there was chaos and war. Until an order of magical warriors, the Paladins, united the Realm. Through strife and sacrifice, these Paladins brought about a Golden Age.

But in these peaceful times, there was no need for warriors. The Paladins disbanded. They left the Realm to the Magistrate a council of former Paladins and powerful magicians. Under their rule the Realm's Golden Age continued for centuries until a great discovery changed everything.

A new form of magic focused through crafted crystals offered power, that rivaled the Magistrate's owns. A crystal powered revolution overtook the Realm. The uses were limitless and the Realm's future seemed brighter than ever, but there were accidents. Horrible misuses of power, tragedies the Magistrate embraced as they banished the crystal magic.

"Such power was not meant to be wielded by commoners", Grand Magister Karne snarled, "this will destroy all that we have built and deliver us back to chaos."

Some agreed with Karne, they welcomed the return of peace or perhaps they feared the Magistrate. But others stood up to the Magistrate's snuten bit. They spoke of progress and rallied behind Valera, the near immortal warrior who once led the ancient Paladins.

"This has the power to improve the lives of everyone in the Realm. A power that should not just benefit the Magistrate."

Karnes forces were merciless. They raided towns and seized crystals to consolidate power. A Resistance formed, the rebellion weaponized crystal magic and stood against the Magistrate's control. So when the Magistrate came for the crystals, there was only one possible outcome.

War, a brutal war, where the Magistrate unleashed its armies full mount. The Resistance was shattered, but this defeat only strenghtened their resolve. Survivors found new allies from across the Realm. Great champions willing to join the fight.

At Valera's urging the Resistance took up the flag of the ancient Paladins. Now again, they fight to restore peace to the Realm - to usher in a new Golden Age.

Golden Age[edit | edit source]

Crosswind Hold enters a Golden Age. Seeing no further need for defenders, the former Paladins disband. Valera steps down and secedes rule to a newfound government called The Magistrate - comprised of ex-Paladins and powerful magicians, headed by none other than Grand Magister Karne.

During this time, the empire of Crosswind Hold expands and a number of races - elves, humans, and dwarves - all come to co-exist. Noble houses also spring up and gain power, each governing their own individual region. House Aico is one of these houses.

During a fortress siege, a clever warlord decided that the best way to breach her enemy's defenses was by creating walking bombs. Her warlock accidentally brought one of the larger bombs to life, creating the Bomb King. After destroying her entire army himself, Bomb King struck out on his own delusional quest to visit all the lands under his rule.

Discovery of Crystals[edit | edit source]

After many centuries, the discovery of crafted crystals serves as a breakthrough in the accessibility of magic. The Magistrate forms an organization called Deepwerks to further propel the advancement of crystal-powered technology, recruiting members such as the runic scholar Torvald and master mechanic Barik.

During their time at Deepwerks, Torvald develops his rune gauntlet (his in-game primary weapon) and Barik invents a number of machines such as jetpack wings and the standard goblin mining suit. Barik gave the jetpack wings to Drogoz, a wingless wyrin underling to a dragon, so that he may also fly. The mining suit is issued to all the goblin miners, one of which is Ruckus.

Barik also comes to help a knowledge-seeking and orphaned Ska'drin named Talus uncover his inborn aptitude and true potential.

Vivian, a Magistrate officer, hears about Deepwerks and schemes her way into joining the Deepwerks facility as its commander of security. She repurposes the crystals for combat, setting the new standard for weaponry in the Realm (nearly all champions in-game wear, harness, or otherwise have crystals on their persons/weapons). Believing the crystals misused for evil, Barik leaves Deepwerks facility.

Consequences of Crystal Magic[edit | edit source]

As time goes on, the increase in popularity and potency of crystals also leads to an increase of trouble. Self-serving and power-hungry individuals start to abuse them as a means for personal gain, leading to The Magistrate banning crystal-magic among commoners. Karne orders a ruthless recall of all crystals, having his forces break into homes and confiscate the contraband gems. By consolidating this power, Karne believes the Magistrate would be more capable of quelling chaos and restoring peace.

Predicting a coming conflict, Karne calls for the loyal houses to aid the Magistrate.

The Patriarch of House Aico answers by sending the house's scion, Lian. As the heiress to the Ruby Throne of House Aico, Lian sought a means to prove her capability and honor her family's oath to the Magistrate. Bodyguard of, personal advisor to, and general for Lian, Khan was also sent to fulfill his obligation as the Primus of House Aico.

Fernando, a squire-turned-knight, excitedly heeds the Magistrate's call for loyal houses on behalf of his deceased master.

Simultaneously, Karne continues to fund Vivian's research into advanced crystal-weaponry. The Magistrate Army comes to develop an experimental front-line battle suit and weapon, that of which was quickly proved effective when piloted by Magistrate soldier Ash. It is at this point Viktor and Strix meet Ash.

Civil War[edit | edit source]

While some support the Magistrate in their quest for peace, others rally behind Valera. Believing everyone had a right to crystal magic, Valera reforms a Resistance against Karne's hunt for crystals.

Regardless of oaths, the Resistance and Magistrate quickly erupt into fighting. With the immense resources, wealth, and humanpower of the Magistrate, Karne easily defeats the Resistance early on. In one momentous battle, Ash, wielding her experimental flak cannon, successfully destroys Terminus's left arm and kills him the process. The Resistance scatter and retreat, leaving Terminus behind. His death enrages Inara, who thereby abandons all reluctance and full-heartedly vows to fight.

With this, the tide of battle shifted. Their early losses became martyrs icons for many more Realm hopefuls. The Resistance strengthen their resolve and continue to grow their support base.

Disliking what the Magistrate has become, Tyra returns from her homeland at this point to side with the Resistance. Pip, Evie, and Koga also join with the Resistance at this point. Cassie, following the footsteps of her enlisted Greenwood hunter friends, would join the Resistance at a later date. Barik is one of the first to join the Resistance. He brings his knowledge of crystal weaponry to the Resistance, leveling the armaments playing field. This is also likely the same time Talus joins the Resistance, eager to use his new skills and to prove the capabilities of the Ska'drin. Sympathizing heavily with the common folk, famous adventurer Sha Lin decides to fight The Magistrate, as well. Echoing Valera's belief in the free use of crystal magic, Ying also joins. Worried about the coming of an all-out war, Valera also awakens the stagalla to aid the Resistance against Magistrate oppression.

Nature Fights Back[edit | edit source]

Growing hostilities between both factions lead to increased destruction of the Realm, both of its forests and islands. Encroached by fire and industrialization, all the rabbit-like leipori flee deeper into the forest - all but one: Moji and her familiar Po-Li. Wanting to defend her home, Moji likely awakens the great nature spirit Grover and allies with the faeries of the Summer Court, another group of woodland inhabitants threatened by the civil war. Willo is one such faeries.

At the other end of the geographical spectrum, the home island of the Ska'drin also saw heavy threat from the war. Ancient defender of the island, Makoa left for the mainland to protect the natural world.

Grohk fighting on the part of his tribe and his tribe's lands.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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