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Welcome to the Lore Page where you can easily navigate through the various characters, groups, locations, races and events in Paladins' story.

Please avoid adding fanfictional content, this is an archive for official lore. Even if a theory is plausible, only add confirmed information.

Sides[edit | edit source]

Paladins (aka Resistance)[edit | edit source]


Magistrate[edit | edit source]


The Abyss[edit | edit source]

Abyss Icon.png

Darkness[edit | edit source]

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Neutral[edit | edit source]

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Directions[edit | edit source]

Anti-Abyss[edit | edit source]

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Anti-Darkness[edit | edit source]

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Groups[edit | edit source]

Champion Generic Icon.png Corvus' Group
A character that is part of Corvus' Group continues to work with Corvus after he was thrown out of the Magistrate.

HouseAico Icon.png House Aico
House Aico is a house loyal to the Magistrate, ruled by the heiress and Scion of the Ruby Throne, Lian.

OuterTribunal Icon.png Outer Tribunal
The Outer tribunal is a law enforcement group on behalf of the Magistrate whose purpose is to hunt down criminals in the name of the law. They also battle horrors and abnormal threat for the side of justice. Though this is probably only with Androxus and Lex; a judge is proficient in dual wielding firearms, most preferably pistols.

Champion Generic Icon.png Paladins (Former)
The Paladins was a group of magical warriors who united the realm through strife and sacrifice.

Sentinels Icon.png Sentinels
The Sentinels were a military elite unit working under the magistrate taking the most difficult of missions.

Champion Generic Icon.png Summer Court
The Summer Court is a group of faeries who wage an endless war against the encroachment of modern civilization.

Champion Generic Icon.png Red River Orcs
The Red River Orcs tribe has its home in the Red River.

Champion Generic Icon.png The Cosmos
The Cosmos are those who utilize the power of the stars.

HeavenAndHellAcquisition I83.png The Eternal Pyre
The Eternal Pyre is a group of angels in war with the Abyss.

ThousandHands Icon.png Thousand Hands Guild
The Thousand Hands Guild is a criminal organization in the world of Paladins. The Thousand Hands is currently led by Lord Zhin.

Champion Generic Icon.png Warders
The Warders were an ancient group who were able to tame Dragons and channel their power with things like the Warder's Relic.

Special Artifacts[edit | edit source]

  • Warder's Key
    The Warder's Key is a powerful keystone that can unlock the Warder's vaults.
  • Warder's Relic
    The Warder's Relic was an ancient gauntlet acquired by the Resistance and later by Judd Roberts (Dredge), though it led to the admiral's death as he was not worthy to control the power of the dragon.
  • Eternal Pyre
    The Eternal Pyre is noted as a "cleansing light" from which people are reborn and is reputed to be a source of salvation or an entity that answers prayers.
  • Crystal-Powered Technology
    The Crystal-powered technology was a new form of magic which through crafted crystals offered power that rivals the Magistrate's own.

The Realm[edit | edit source]

The Realm is the place where the action of Paladins takes place.

Main article: Realm

Races[edit | edit source]

This list only accumulate the base skins and skills. Alternate skins and lores are not taken into consideration.

Champion Raum Icon.png
Champion Makoa Icon.png
Luna Po-Li Zigs
Champion BombKing Icon.png Bolt
Champion Io Icon.png Champion Jenos Icon.png
Imani's Dragon Dragon
Champion Barik Icon.png
A Great Frost Elemental whom Evie tricks and imprisons
Champion Skye Icon.png Champion Torvald Icon.png Valera Icon.png Champion Ying Icon.png Champion Vora Icon.png
Champion Willo Icon.png
Champion Ruckus Icon.png
Champion Generic Icon.png
Champion Ash Icon.png Champion Atlas Icon.png Champion Buck Icon.png Champion Cassie Icon.png Champion Evie Icon.png Champion Fernando Icon.png Champion Imani Icon.png Karne Icon.png Champion Khan Icon.png Champion Kinessa Icon.png Champion Koga Icon.png Champion Lex Icon.png Champion Lian Icon.png Champion ShaLin Icon.png Champion Strix Icon.png Champion Tyra Icon.png Champion Viktor Icon.png Champion Vivian Icon.png Champion Zhin Icon.png
Champion Moji Icon.png
Champion Grohk Icon.png
Champion Talus Icon.png
Champion Grover Icon.png Mal'Damba's cobra (a.k.a. Snek)
Champion Inara Icon.png Champion Terminus Icon.png
Champion Maeve Icon.pngChampion Tiberius Icon.png
Champion Androxus Icon.png Champion Dredge Icon.png Champion Furia Icon.png Champion Jenos Icon.png Champion Mal'Damba Icon.png Champion Seris Icon.png Champion Vora Icon.png Kraken
Champion Dredge Icon.png Champion Seris Icon.png Champion Terminus Icon.png
Champion Pip Icon.png
Champion Drogoz Icon.png

Events[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon Scourge
    Boasting incredible power, dragons ruled the world, and served as the impetus for the formation of an ancient civilization known as the Warders.
  • First Scourge
    The First Scourge was a goblin encroachment stopped by the former Paladins with the help of the Stagalla.
  • Second Scourge
    The Second Scourge was a goblin encroachment that pushed people of the Realm into mountains.
  • Golden Age
    The period after the Second War, when the Realm flourished.
  • Discovery of Crystals
    The discovery of crafted crystals serves as a breakthrough in the accessibility of magic.
  • Civil War
    The war between Resistance and Magistrate.
  • Koga's Revenge
    Koga returns to face his old master and to demand the answers to his betrayal.
  • Destruction of the village of Seris
    Seris is home to a portal to the Abyss. And it demanded to be fed. As the sacrifice neared, the Void's hunger grew stronger and stronger, unleashed and the village of Seris was destroyed.
  • The Fight of Ascension Peak
    Jenos descends from the sky. Khan is tasked with recruiting the descended god to their side in hopes of utilizing his powers to end the Civil War once and for all.
  • Warders Return
    The beacon was lit and many forces wants to secured the Warder's Relics. But only the true master can control them.
  • The Fight of the Shattered Desert
    The Resistance, with the help of Atlas, tries to stop the Magistrates from releasing the Darkness.
  • Shattered Goddess Return
    For eons, Io watched over the Realm. But then disaster struck, shattering the moon and smothering her light. Now, the Shattered Goddess returns.
  • The Summoning of Raum
    After the Battle of Shattered Desert, Corvus was defeated, desperately looking for something, anything to give him the power to defeat the Resistance. Then Seris returned to him and offered him immense power from the Abyss. She tricked him into opening a portal, releasing Raum into the Realm.
  • The Darkness Released
    Believing her goddess to have abandoned her, Vora would release the seal containing the Darkness, using its power in the hopes of bringing about the end of the realm.

Complete Timeline[edit | edit source]

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Champion Lore[edit | edit source]

Canon Skins[edit | edit source]

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Videos[edit | edit source]

A Realm Divided[edit | edit source]

Siege of Ascension Peak[edit | edit source]

Rise of Furia[edit | edit source]

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Dragon's Call[edit | edit source]

Dark Tides[edit | edit source]

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