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Mad Scientist (Pip)
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Champion Selection[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Together we will conquer the world! Hahahaha."
  • Play "And now I will use my death ray to... Wait, where's my death ray?"

Mounting Up[edit | edit source]

  • Play "There is much to be done!"
  • Play "Needs more horse power!"

Skills[edit | edit source]

Explosive Flask[edit | edit source]

Healing Potion[edit | edit source]

Weightless[edit | edit source]

Evil Mojo (Ultimate)[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Let's make this interesting." (enemy/self)
  • Play "Special delivery!" (ally)

Item Purchased[edit | edit source]

  • Play "This will help a lot!"
  • Play "Another step in my plan complete!"
  • Play "This won't help me build my death ray..."

Grunts[edit | edit source]

Attacking[edit | edit source]

Play  Bullet.png  Play  Bullet.png Play  Bullet.png  Play  Bullet.png  Play

Taking Damage[edit | edit source]

Play  Bullet.png  Play  Bullet.png Play  Bullet.png  Play  Bullet.png  Play

Jumping[edit | edit source]

Play  Bullet.png  Play  Bullet.png Play  Bullet.png  Play  Bullet.png  Play

Status Related[edit | edit source]

Attempting to Use Ability on Cooldown[edit | edit source]

Taking Damage[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Leave me alone!"
  • Play "Stop! I'm delicate!"

Burning[edit | edit source]

  • Play "I need a freeze ray!"

Stunned or Frozen[edit | edit source]

  • Play "So cold..."
  • Play "Where's my heat ray?"

Leaving Combat with Low Health[edit | edit source]

  • Play "How could they do this to me?"
  • Play "You might have stopped me this time, but I'll be back."

Being Healed[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Thanks, I'm not used to the help!"
  • Play "How nice of you."

Death[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Curse you, heroes!"
  • Play "If only I had my death ray!"

Kills[edit | edit source]

First Blood[edit | edit source]

  • Play "An excellent start to world domination!"

Kill Assist[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Hey, that was mine!"
  • Play "That was clever."

Kill Streak[edit | edit source]

  • Play "I'm so good!"
  • Play "Tell me how good I am!"
  • Play "Worship me!"

Kill Taunt[edit | edit source]

  • Play "You look like me when I was in my emo phase." (Androxus)
  • Play "He can kill a God but not a scientist. Check mate!" (Androxus)
  • Play "You've got some nice toys!" (Barik)
  • Play "Now do you see what a real scientist can do?" (Barik)
  • Play "Who made you? They stole my idea!" (Bomb King)
  • Play "Look at me, I'm the king now!" (Bomb King)
  • Play "A dragon with a jetpack? That's a good idea." (Drogoz)
  • Play "Wanna join up? I offer a good salary with benefits." (Drogoz)
  • Play "Wanna know what's in the flasks? Anti-freeze. Heheheheheheh." (Evie)
  • Play "You didn't have to give me the cold shoulder." (Evie)
  • Play "Still an underachiever, eh Grohk?" (Grohk)
  • Play "What on earth are you doing? Hehahahahaha." (Grohk)
  • Play "I have a huge head, some head hunter you are." (Kinessa)
  • Play "Do you even know how that gun works?" (Kinessa)
  • Play "I tried the whole robot thing, it didn't really work for me." (Ruckus)
  • Play "Goblin engineering is so primitive." (Ruckus)
  • Play "Was that a death ray? Just a mirror? Disappointing." (Ying)
  • Play "I never liked flowers." (Ying)

Kill an Enemy Using a Skill[edit | edit source]

Explosive Flask[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Begone, pest!"
  • Play "It's no death ray, but it's still fun!"

Weightless[edit | edit source]

Objective[edit | edit source]

Capturing a Point[edit | edit source]

  • Play "This is mine now!"
  • Play "Yes! Just what I've always wanted."
  • Play "Another step in the master plan complete."

Enemy Capturing a Point[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Get them off the point!"
  • Play "They're on the point, seize them!"

Match End[edit | edit source]

Victory[edit | edit source]

  • Play "My plan worked!? I mean, I knew it would."
  • Play "Hehehahahahaha!"

Defeat[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Drat! Foiled again!"
  • Play "Why does this always happen to me?"

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Taunt[edit | edit source]

  • Play "You thought you could match the power of science?"
  • Play "A simpleton like you could never match wits with me"
  • Play "I will rule the world!"

Jokes[edit | edit source]

  • Play "I read a book on anti-gravity. I couldn't put it down. Mhehe, hahahahahaha!"
  • Play "What do you get if you cross an octopus with a cow? Science! Mhahahahaha!"
  • Play "What do I call my cure-all elixir? Doctor Pip! Mhaha Mhehe Mhahahaha!"

Laughs[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Mhehahahahahaha!"
  • Play "Ha hahahaha!"
  • Play "Hehe hahahaha *cough* *cough*."

Destroying Siege Engine (Unused)[edit | edit source]

Destroying Gate (Unused)[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Moving forward!"
  • Play "You can't keep me out!"

Attacking While on Point[edit | edit source]

  • Play "A little help over here?"
  • Play "Are you going to help or what?!"

Level Up (Unused)[edit | edit source]

  • Play "I get smarter every day."
  • Play "A scientific breakthrough!"

Using Weapon[edit | edit source]

Unlocking an Achievement (Unused)[edit | edit source]

  • Play "My genius is recognized!"
  • Play "Finally!"

Idling (Unused)[edit | edit source]

  • Play "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
  • Play "Look into my eyes, you want to pick me!"

Main Lobby[edit | edit source]

Unlocking Cards[edit | edit source]

  • Play "I think that would suit me."
  • Play "I can use that for my death ray!"

VGS[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Enemy
C Careful
D Defend
E Emote
H Help
R Retreat
S Self
V Other

VA - Attack[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 Play "Flank Left!"
2 Play "Attack up the Middle!"
3 Play "Flank Right!"
A Play "Attack!"
E Play "Attack the Siege Engine!"
G Play "Attack the Objective!"

VB - Enemy[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 Play "Enemies on the left flank!"
2 Play "Enemies up the middle!"
3 Play "Enemies on the right flank!"
B Play "Enemies have returned to base!"
E Play "Enemies behind us!"
G Play "Enemies on the point!"
I Play "Enemies Incoming!"
S Play "Enemy spotted!"

VC - Careful[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 Play "Be careful left Flank!"
2 Play "Be careful middle!"
3 Play "Be careful right Flank!"
B Play "Return to base!"
C Play "Be careful!"

VD - Defend[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 Play "Defend Left Flank!"
2 Play "Defend the Middle!"
3 Play "Defend Right Flank!"
D Play "Defend!"
E Play "Defend the Siege Engine!"
G Play "Defend the Objective!"

VE - Emote[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A Play "Brilliant!"
G Play "My intellect is unmatched!"
J Jokes
L Laughs
R Play "You're smarter than you look!"
T Taunts
W Play "Hahahahahahaha!"

VH - Help[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 Play "Help left flank!"
2 Play "Help the middle!"
3 Play "Help right flank!"
H Play "Help!"
S Play "Need Healing!"

VR - Retreat[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
R Play "Run away!"
S Play "Save yourself!"

VS - Self[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A Attack
D Defend
O Play "I'm on it!"
R Play "I'm out of here!"

VSA - Attack[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 Play "I'll attack left flank!"
2 Play "I'll attack up the middle!"
3 Play "I'll attack right flank!"
A Play "I'll attack!"
B Play "I'll attack the Base!"
E (No voice plays)
G Play "I'll attack the Objective!"

VSD - Defend[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 Play "I'll defend left flank!"
2 Play "I'll defend the middle!"
3 Play "I'll defend right flank!"
B Play "I'll defend the Base!"
D Play "I'll defend!"
E (No voice plays)
G Play "I'll defend the Objective!"

VV - Other[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
G General
V Position
A Play "Of course!"
B Play "I shall return!"
C Play "Completed!"
K Play "Stepping away for a moment."
N Play "No!"
P Play "Please?"
S Play "Oh dear!"
T Play "Thanks!"
W Play "Wait!"
X Play "Cancel that!"
Y Play "Yes!"

VVG - General[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
B Play "Bye bye!"
F Play "This will be fun!"
G Play "Good game!"
H Play "Hello!"
L Play "Good luck with that!"
N Play "Great watt!"
O Play "Ahh, oops!"
Q Play "Shhhh."
R Play "Not a problem for science!"
S Play "How could you!?"
T Play "My plan!"
W Play "You're welcome!"

VVV - Position[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A Play "Set up an ambush here!"
B Play "Behind us!"
C Play "Run them down!"
D Play "Ultimate is down!"
E Play "On my way!"
F Play "Follow me!"
G Play "Group up!"
R Play "Ultimate is ready!"
S Play "Stay here!"
T Play "It's a trap!"
X Play "Spread out!"

Unused[edit | edit source]

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