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Maps are areas in the realm of Paladins where most of the fighting takes place. Each Map has its own special, distinctive elements that make it unique.

There are several Maps, each one designed to be played with certain Game Modes in mind.

Siege maps[edit | edit source]

Each Siege map have callouts for different locations around the map.

These are the maps that Siege and Ranked can be played in:

Map Release
Loading Isle.png
Frog Isle
Paladins CB30
Loading TempleV2.png
Jaguar Falls
Paladins CB30
Loading BeachV2.png
Serpent Beach
Paladins CB30
Loading NRIgloo.png
Frozen Guard
Paladins CB31
Loading NRMines.png
Ice Mines
Paladins CB31
Loading Village.png
Fish Market
Paladins CB33
Loading SpiralV2.png
Timber Mill
Paladins CB33
Loading Castle.png
Stone Keep
Paladins OB41
Loading Atrium.png
Paladins OB49
Loading Quarry.png
Splitstone Quarry
Paladins OB55
Loading AscensionPeak.png
Ascension Peak
Paladins OB68
Loading DragonSiege.png
Warder's Gate
Paladins 1.9
Loading ShatteredDesert.png
Shattered Desert
Paladins 2.02

Onslaught maps[edit | edit source]

These are the maps that Onslaught can be played in:

Map Release
Loading TropicalArena.png
Primal Court
Paladins CB26
Loading Quarry Onslaught.png
Foreman's Rise
Paladins OB60
Loading Archives.png
Magistrate's Archives
Paladins OB64
Loading MaraudersPort.png
Marauder's Port
Paladins 1.6

Team Deathmatch maps[edit | edit source]

These are the maps that Team Deathmatch can be played in:

Map Release
Loading IceArena.png
Snowfall Junction
Paladins OB44
Loading TradeDistrict.png
Trade District
Paladins OB65
Loading Abyss.png
Paladins 1.3
Loading Throne.png
Paladins 1.3
Loading DragonsArena.png
Dragon Arena
Paladins 1.8

Other maps[edit | edit source]

This map is found in the Training mode screen:

Map Release
Loading ShootingGallery.png
Shooting Range Temple
Paladins CB29

Removed maps[edit | edit source]

Payload maps[edit | edit source]

The Game Mode Payload was removed from the game in the Paladins OB65 update.

These are the maps that Payload could be played in:

Map Release
Loading Payload Forest.png
Paladins CB12
Loading Payload Ruins.png
Hidden Temple
Paladins CB19
Loading FrostbiteCaverns.png
Frostbite Cavern
Paladins CB27

Test maps[edit | edit source]

Test maps after release[edit | edit source]

These maps are still in early development but can be played through the Test queue, where players can give feedback.

Map Mode Release Final Map
Thrones v2 Siege Paladins 2.01
Deathgate Siege Paladins 1.9
Thrones Siege Paladins 1.9
Arid Siege Paladins 1.8
Hangar 18 Siege Paladins 1.8
Rush Siege Paladins 1.8

Test maps during beta[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the maps that at one point or another were available for play in the Test queue during beta.
Some of the test queue maps eventually became current maps.

Map Mode Release Final Map
District v1 Siege Paladins OB41
Undercity Siege Paladins OB41
Atrium Siege Paladins OB41 Brightmarsh
Stride v1 Siege Paladins OB42
Grotto v1 Siege Paladins OB43
Stride v2 Siege Paladins OB44
District v2 Siege Paladins OB44
Forward Payload Paladins OB44
Arid v1 Siege Paladins OB45
Grotto v2 Siege Paladins OB45 Splitstone Quarry
Dark Crossing Siege Paladins OB45
Salty Springs Siege Paladins OB46
Moss Garden Siege Paladins OB46
Sunken City Siege Paladins OB46 Ascension Peak
Waterway v1 Siege Paladins OB47
Sand Bridge Siege Paladins OB47
Arid v2 Siege Paladins OB49
Bend Siege Paladins OB50
Rift Siege Paladins OB51
Sewers Siege Paladins OB52
Sierra Siege Paladins OB53
Tilted Onslaught Paladins OB54 Foreman's Rise
Shade Onslaught Paladins OB55 Magistrate's Archives
Toxic Onslaught Paladins OB56
Vex Onslaught Paladins OB56
Waterway v2 Siege Paladins OB57
Eastwatch v1 Siege Paladins OB58
District v3 Siege Paladins OB59
Salt Siege Paladins OB60
Bash Siege Paladins OB61
Triumph Siege Paladins OB62
Supa Rift Siege Paladins OB63 Warder's Gate
Arid v3 Siege Paladins OB64
Eastwatch v2 Siege Paladins OB64
Waterway v3 Siege Paladins OB64

Trivia[edit | edit source]

There were originally three very large maps called Temple Isle, Glacier Keep, and Enchanted Forest. Prior to open beta, they were reworked and divided into smaller maps.

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