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Mount Skins are Cosmetic Items that change the look of the mount that a Champion uses during matches when they leave their spawn room at the start of a round or after respawning from death. Players can also choose what mount they'll use in a match at the champion selection screen. The normal movement speed of a mount is 50 Units/s, this speed can be increased with Master Riding.

List of Mount Skins[edit | edit source]


All Mount Default Icon.png
All Mount Default Stallion.png

Scarlet Charger

(Rare, Exclusive)

All Mount Scarlet Charger Icon.png
All Mount Scarlet Charger.png

400 Currency Crystals.png  •  Diamond Chest.png  •  Currency Ticket.png

Sapphire Charger

(Rare, Exclusive)

All Mount Sapphire Charger Icon.png
All Mount Sapphire Charger.png

Diamond Chest.png  •  Currency Ticket.png

Infernal Warhorse

(Epic, Exclusive)

All Mount Infernal Warhorse Icon.png
All Mount Infernal Warhorse.png

Candy Unicorn

(Epic, Exclusive)

All Mount Candy Unicorn Icon.png
All Mount Candy Unicorn.png

Valentine Chest.png  •  Currency Ticket.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

All Mount Frostmare Icon.png
All Mount Frostmare.png

Frost Pack  •  Ice Cold Chest.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

All Mount Nightmare Icon.png
All Mount Nightmare.png

Nightmare Pack  •  Little Box of Horrors Chest.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

All Mount Snowflake Icon.png
All Mount Snowflake.png

Festive Chest.png  •  Currency Ticket.png

Obsidian Warhorse

(Epic, Exclusive)

All Mount Obsidian Warhorse Icon.png
All Mount Obsidian Warhorse.png

Obsidian Pack

Primal Prowler

(Legendary, Limited)

All Mount Primal Prowler Icon.png
All Mount Primal Prowler.png

Mecha Prowler

(Legendary, Limited)

All Mount Mecha Prowler Icon.png
All Mount Mecha Prowler.png

once Battle Pass 1
Level 1 Battle Pass Level

Crimson Serpent

(Legendary, Limited)

All Mount Crimson Serpent Icon.png
All Mount Crimson Serpent.png

once Battle Pass 2
Level 1 Battle Pass Level

Molten Prowler


All Mount Molten Prowler Icon.png
All Mount Molten Prowler.png

Alpha Speeder

(Legendary, Limited)

All Mount Alpha Speeder Icon.png
All Mount Alpha Speeder.png

Legionnaire Warhorse

(Legendary, Limited)

All Mount Legionnaire Warhorse Icon.png
All Mount Legionnaire Warhorse.png

8-Bit Speeder

(Epic, Limited)

All Mount 8-Bit Speeder Icon.png
All Mount 8-Bit Speeder.png

Sacred Wolf

(Legendary, Exclusive)

All Mount Sacred Wolf Icon.png
All Mount Sacred Wolf.png

Sacred Wolf Pack  •  Mythological Treasures Chest.png

Winged Drake

(Legendary, Exclusive)

All Mount Winged Drake Icon.png
All Mount Winged Drake.png

Dragon Rider Pack

Merican Mustang

(Epic, Exclusive)

All Mount Merican Mustang Icon.png
All Mount Merican Mustang.png

World Wide Chest.png

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