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These are characters who have been mentioned in some form of Paladins media, but are Non-Playable Characters (NPC). This does not include species in general, but specific characters.

Unseen Characters[edit | edit source]

Unseen Champion Relatives[edit | edit source]

  • Cassie's Father - Mentioned in Cassie's bio. The crossbow Cassie uses originally belonged to him.
  • Corvus' Mother - Due to Corvus having a mentioned father (Karne), many have speculated his mother's identity. Some theorize it is Valera, however there is no evidence as of yet.
  • Talus' Family - Mentioned in Talus' bio to have almost been killed, they have not been seen and it is unknown what happened to them.

Unseen Characters with Connections to Champions[edit | edit source]

  • Drogoz's Master - Mentioned in Drogoz's bio, he initially served under a dragon master. Little is known about this dragon.
  • Evie's Elemental - Mentioned in Evie's bio, despite it being sealed in her weapon, the elemental contained by Evie has not yet been seen outside its container.
  • Fernando's Master - Mentioned in Fernando's bio, it is unknown what happened to the knight Fernando served, but his life was taken, causing Fernando to take up the mantle.
  • Maeve's Crew - Mentioned in the line "Just wait 'til the crew hears about this!" when Maeve wins a match. Possibly called "The Blades" due to Maeve's title being "of Blades", however this is unconfirmed.
  • Warlord and Warlock - Mentioned in Bomb King's bio, the Warlock is the one who created Bomb King on behalf of the Warlord in an attempt to defeat an unknown enemy. Some theorize this Warlord to be related to House Aico, however, there is no official evidence to suggest this.

Unseen Godlike Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • False Goddess - The Abyssal Entity that cursed Androxus, as mentioned here, has not yet been seen. Some theorize this was Seris, however it is unconfirmed as of now.
  • Pyre Creatures - Those of the Eternal Pyre have not yet been officially seen. Pyre-Lord Magnus may count, though it likely he is from an alternate dimension due to being an Echo Champion.
  • Sylvanus - Mentioned in some of Grover's lines, in SMITE, Sylvanus is a Roman God and Keeper of the Wild. It is unknown if this is the same Sylvanus as the one Grover mentions, as well as their whereabouts.
  • Wekono - The Goddess of Sorrow and Revenge, Wekono is the one who made Mal'Damba her champion. Despite this, Wekono has not yet made any sort of physical appearance thus far.

Other Unseen Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Unknown Monstrous Creature - Mentioned in Corvus' journal pages, Corvus encountered an unknown force early in his career. It is suspected to be Abyssal, but nothing is confirmed.


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