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Nature Protectors

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A Nature Protector is fighting against the destruction of the environment by the ongoing war and for the protection of their tribe. Most of them support the side in the battle that currently represents their interests except Makoa.

Known Nature Protectors[edit | edit source]

  • Wekono - Wekono is the Mother of Sorrow and Revenge who appointed an island witch doctor Mal'Damba as her champion to evangelize her faith by laying waste to any who would stand before him.
  • Grohk is chief of the Red River Orc tribe and does everything to protect it.
  • Grover was seen on the Resistance's side.
  • Mal'Damba was chosen and transformed by Wekono, the Mother of Sorrow and Revenge.
  • Moji was seen on the Resistance's side during the Dragon's Call event.
  • Willo is a member of the Summer Court, which is a group of faeries who wage an endless war against the encroachment of modern civilization.


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