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A character that is neutral favors or supports none of the sides involved in the war.

Characters that are neutral[edit | edit source]

  • Pip is mostly neutral, but doesn´t like the Magistrate. While his bio does mention allies, it has not been confirmed if this is the Resistance or something else.
  • Atlas, Jenos, Io, and Imani have been seen fighting alongside the Resistance, but don't share their goals.

Bounty Hunter[edit | edit source]

A Bounty Hunter is an independent being in the realm who fights for a bounty for a specific side for a limited time. This does not mean the characters in question refer to themselves as a Bounty Hunter however.

Known Bounty Hunters[edit | edit source]

  • Kinessa was seen on the Magistrate's side during the End Times event.
  • Maeve was seen on both sides during the End Times event. She was also seen on the Resistance's side during the Siege of Ascension Peak event. It's theorized that prior to the events of the Civil War, she successfully infiltrates Crosswind Hold and steals the magical long coat she currently wears in-game, as one of her torn sleeves can be seen in the Magistrate's Archives map, as seen here. This artifact, along with her natural talent and bi-racial powers, gives her the unrivaled ability to sneak and steal at her leisure.
  • Zhin was seen on the Magistrate's side during the Siege of Ascension Peak event.

Nature Character[edit | edit source]

A Nature Character is a character either fighting to protect nature or their people who live in nature. Though some share goals of protecting nature in general, none of these characters are part of a nature group or have been confirmed to work together.

Known Nature Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Grohk is chief of the Red River Orc tribe and does everything to protect it.
  • Grover is the soul of the forest and awakens to fight those who destroy nature. He was seen with the Resistance during The Fight of the Shattered Desert, though it is unknown why he joined.
  • Makoa is the defender of the Ska'drins, but was summoned to the mainland to fight. He was seen with the Resistance during The Fight of the Shattered Desert, though it is unknown why he joined.
  • Moji was seen on the Resistance's side during the Dragon's Call event, however, as revealed here, she's more neutral aligned instead.
  • Willo is a member of the Summer Court, which is a group of faeries.

Red River Orcs[edit | edit source]

The Red River Orcs tribe has its home in the Red River, which is located in Greenwood, as revealed in this stream (at the timestamp 42:00).

Known Red River Orc Members[edit | edit source]

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk (Chieftain)

Summer Court[edit | edit source]

The Summer Court is a group of faeries.

Known Summer Court Members[edit | edit source]

Wekono[edit | edit source]

Wekono is the Mother of Sorrow and Revenge who appointed the island witch doctor Mal'Damba as her champion to evangelize her faith by laying waste to any who would stand before him.

Known Wekono Assosiated Characters[edit | edit source]

Thousand Hands Guild[edit | edit source]

The Thousand Hands Guild is a criminal organization in the world of Paladins.

Known Criminal Members[edit | edit source]

Champion Zhin Icon.png Zhin

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck (former)

Champion Koga Icon.png Koga (former)

Champion ShaLin Icon.png Sha Lin (former)

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye (former?)


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