Overgrown Weapons Chest

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Overgrown Weapons Chest.png

Overgrown Weapons Chests are a type of Treasure Chests in Paladins. This kind of chest can only be purchased with Currency Crystals.png Crystals, each one costing 75 Currency Crystals.png.

This chest was first released on May 3, 2017.

Description[edit | edit source]

In the Wild, Nature is bountiful with Exclusive Skins and Weapons.

Champion skins[edit | edit source]

Champion Grover Icon.png
Doom Shroom
(Epic, Exclusive)
Grover Collection Doom Shroom Icon.png

Weapon skins[edit | edit source]

Champion Androxus Icon.png
Monarch Revolver
(Rare, Exclusive)
Androxus Weapon Monarch Revolver Icon.png
Champion Cassie Icon.png
Undergrowth Crossbow
(Rare, Exclusive)
Cassie Weapon Undergrowth Crossbow Icon.png
Champion Drogoz Icon.png
Caecilian Rocket Launcher
(Rare, Exclusive)
Drogoz Weapon Caecilian Rocket Launcher Icon.png
Champion Fernando Icon.png
Tiki Torch Lance
(Rare, Exclusive)
Fernando Weapon Tiki Torch Lance Icon.png
Champion Grohk Icon.png
Tropic Lightning Staff
(Rare, Exclusive)
Grohk Weapon Tropic Lightning Staff Icon.png
Champion Grover Icon.png
Doom Shroom Chopper
(Epic, Exclusive)
Grover Weapon Doom Shroom Chopper Icon.png
Champion Maeve Icon.png
(Rare, Exclusive)
Maeve Weapon Splinter-Blades Icon.png
Champion Pip Icon.png
Ginseng Potion Launcher
(Rare, Exclusive)
Pip Weapon Ginseng Potion Launcher Icon.png
Sha Lin
Champion ShaLin Icon.png
Lotus Long Bow
(Rare, Exclusive)
Sha Lin Weapon Lotus Long Bow Icon.png
Champion Skye Icon.png
Dragonfly Wristbow
(Rare, Exclusive)
Skye Weapon Dragonfly Wristbow Icon.png

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