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The Paladins were a group of magical warriors who united the Realm through strife and sacrifice. They formed around the time of the Goblin Scourges to defend the Realm. The group brought about a Golden Age of peace, but in these pleasant times there was no need for warriors, and so the Paladins disbanded and left the Realm to the Magistrate, a council of former Paladins and powerful magicians, under their rule the Realm's Golden Age continued for centuries.

Known Former Members[edit | edit source]

Valera Icon.png Valera (former)

Karne Icon.png Karne (former)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As revealed here, the original Paladins consisted of more than just Karne and Valera.
  • Many members of the original Paladins took a part in forming the Magistrate, while the rest went back to their normal lives, as was revealed here.
    • As expanded on here, most of the original Paladins have passed on.
  • As stated here, both House Aico and Cassie have connections to the original Paladins, with Cassie, in particular, being part of a lineage that's connected to the group, while House Aico may be connected by an old champion named "Aico", as stated here.
  • The group was revealed to have formed around the time of the Goblin Scourges here.
  • Valera is now the leader of the Resistance.
  • Karne is now the leader of the Magistrate.


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