Paladins Beta Version 0.51.1874

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0.51 Hotfix 3 | June 6, 2017



  • [Ruckus] Fixed an issue where the Aerial Advance vertical jump had client/server desynch.
  • [Bomb King] Fixed an issue where King Bomb (Ultimate) had client/server desynch.
  • Fixed popup manager potentially causing crashes.
  • [Androxus] Fixed an issue with the Exalted Collection not showing the correct price when a player already owned a piece.
  • [Champion Skin Chest] Fixed an issue where the chest would fail to give players an item.
  • [Ash] Fixed an issue where ULT doesn't go on cooldown and can't be activated until respawn if Ash is stunned while jumping during ULT.
  • [Ash] Fixed an issue where the Alt-fire failed to fire on server immediately after using F.