Paladins Beta Version 0.61.2189

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0.61 - Relentless
OB61 PatchBanner.jpg
Release date: October 18th, 2017
Official name: Relentless
Official version: 0.61
Hotfixes: Hotfix 1, Hotfix 2, Hotfix 3, Hotfix 4
Client version: 0.61.2189
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0.61 - Relentless | October 18, 2017


Champion Terminus Icon.png New Champion - Terminus, The Fallen

  • Health: 4900

WeaponAttack Terminus Icon.png Weapon [LMB] - Massacre Axe

Swing your axe in a large arc every 1.1s. Enemies hit will take 700 damage.

Ability Calamity Blast.png Secondary Fire [RMB] - Calamity Blast

Fire a projectile that deals 250 damage. Fire an additional projectile for every Calamity Charge you have stored.

Ability Power Siphon.png Ability 1 [Q] - Power Siphon

Create a powerful funnel that absorbs enemy projectiles. For every 1200 damage absorbed you generate and store a Calamity Charge. You may store up to 4 Calamity Charges.

Ability Shatterfall.png Ability 2 [F] - Shatterfall

Leap into the air and bring down your axe in a vicious smash dealing 500 damage and slowing enemies in front of you by 60% for 2s.

Ability Reanimate.png Ultimate [E] - Reanimate

Return to life after 2.5s in a large explosion of necromantic energy that deals 4000 damage to affected enemies.


  • Legendaries
  • Crush
  • [Shatterfall] Shatterfall now stuns affected enemies for 1s, but no longer slows.
  • Decimation
  • [Calamity Blast] Charge blasts deal an additional 100 damage each.
  • Undying [Default]
  • [Armor] Below 50% HP gain 35% Damage Reduction.
  • Cards
  • Forsaken
  • [Armor] Gain 8/16/24/32% Crowd Control reduction.
  • Hulking Monstrosity
  • [Armor] Gain 150/300/450/600 Health.
  • It Follows
  • [Armor] You cannot be slowed below 60/70/80/90% of your base movement speed.
  • We Can Rebuild Him
  • [Armor] Below 50% Health receive 5/10/15/20% more Healing.
  • Abomination
  • [Calamity Blast] Calamity Blast shots reduce healing for 2s by 5/10/15/20% per Charge.
  • Devastation
  • [Calamity Blast] Kills with Calamity Blast generate 1/2/3/4 new Charges.
  • It Watches
  • [Calamity Blast] Enemies affected by Charge blast are revealed for 1/2/3/4s.
  • Strength of Stone
  • [Calamity Blast] Gain up to 6/12/18/24% damage reduction based on the number of Charges you have stored.
  • It Waits
  • [Power Siphon] Channeling Power Siphon for 4s grants 1/2/3/4 charges.
  • Necromantic Might
  • [Power Siphon] Reduce the damage required to generate a charge by 100/200/300/400.
  • Playing God
  • [Power Siphon] Heal for 5/10/15/20% of the damage absorbed by Power Siphon.
  • Powerslave
  • [Power Siphon] Reduce the self slow of Power Siphon by 15/30/45/60%.
  • Blood and Stone
  • [Shatterfall] Gain 10/20/30/40% Lifesteal against affected enemies for 3s.
  • Despoiler
  • [Shatterfall] Heal for 100/200/300/400 for every enemy you hit with Shatterfall.
  • Unfeeling
  • [Shatterfall] Gain 8/16/24/32% damage reduction for 2s after landing from Shatterfall.
  • Wrecking Ball
  • [Shatterfall] Increase the leap distance of Shatterfall by 10/20/30/40%.


  • Third Person toggle (not in Competitive or Esports)
  • "We are experimenting with a user toggle between Third Person and First Person camera. The 3P|1P toggle is available in Casual Queues only and also as an option for players creating Custom Games. Expect a player survey regarding this feature and it may be refined or removed in a future release."
  • Loading Screen additions
  • Upcoming Paladins Premier League matches.
  • Game Mode tips.
  • Removed Crowd Control overlay in First Person.
  • Added Card cooldowns on HUD.
  • Added additional audio for the following
  • Dances: Lex, Pip, Sha Lin, and Ying
  • Mastery: Barik, Pip and Seris
  • Emotes: Talus Default and Home Run

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue with Champions loading in without weapons.
  • Fixed rarity glow & Announcer for cards/cosmetics not playing when opening Radiant Chests.
  • Loudness level adjustments for Evie Bewitched, Androxus Shattermaw, and chat notification.
  • Fixed Troublemaker Evie's voice from being heard from too far away.
  • Fixed max HP values not returning to expected values after max is changed.
  • Fixed hit sound playing when loading into match.
  • Spectator
  • Fixed issues camera falling through world.
  • Fixed Barik death perspective locked to ragdoll camera.
  • Fixed voice lines playing twice.
  • Fixed Ruckus 1p projectiles only coming out of one gun.
  • Fixed issues with Beam weapons not rendering correctly in Spectator (and kill cam).
  • Fixed an issue preventing the heal feed from working.



  • Exclusive Content
  • DZ-03 Draco
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray
  • Emote: Wick Whip
  • Current Rotation
  • Dire Wolf Collection
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray


  • Emote: Liquid Courage
  • Resplendent (Facebook)
  • Champion Skin + Weapon
  • Emote: Calling Card
  • Pilot Suit (Uncommon)
  • Champion Skin + Weapon
  • Oni (Epic)
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack
  • Thrall (Common)
  • Champion Skin +Weapon
  • Monolith (Uncommon)
  • Champion Skin + Weapon


  • New Chests


  • Test Queue rotation:



  • “With this release we are overhauling an existing behind the scenes system in Paladins. Up until now there were many different ways that these attributes were treated. Now there will be a single unified system of Diminishing Returns that functions uniformly for all attributes. Our goal is to make this system slightly more accessible while also improving build diversity and clarity.”
  • The functionality of Diminishing Returns has been normalized across the following attributes:
  • Movement Speed, Slow, Damage Reduction, Damage Amp, Damage increase, Healing Reduction, Healing increase, Crowd Control Reduction, Knockback Reduction, Cooldown Reduction, and Lifesteal.
  • Movement Speed now has a maximum increase of 150%.
  • All other attributes now have a maximum increase of 95%.
  • Diminishing Returns will never kick in until a player receives at least a 30% change in an attribute.
  • Players will always receive the full value of their single highest bonus in an attribute, and all other bonuses will diminish on top of that value.
  • E.G. a player has 4 movement speed bonuses: 30%, 20%, 20%, and 10%. The player is guaranteed to get the full value from the 30% bonus, the other will diminish on top of that 30%. Their total movement speed will be 55.00%.
  • Attributes that oppose each other will stack their diminished values additively against each other.
  • Movement Speed opposes slow. Damage Reduction opposes Damage amp. Healing increase opposes healing reduction.
  • Here is the formula for diminishing returns for movement speed increases:
  • x = total movement speed bonus
  • m = highest single movement speed bonus
  • y = final diminished value
  • y = m+(1.5-m)*((x-m)/((x-.3)+1.36))
  • Here is the formula for diminishing returns for all other attributes:
  • x = total attribute bonus
  • m = highest single attribute bonus
  • y = final diminished value
  • y = m+(.95-m)*((x-m)/((x-.3)+.8))

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

  • Legendary Cards
  • Tinkerin
  • Damage reduced from 650 to 550.
  • Architectronics
  • No longer makes your turrets instant fire.

Champion BombKing Icon.png Bomb King

  • Ability Poppy Bomb.png Poppy Bomb
  • Fixed a bug where Poppy Bomb could hit enemies through walls if it detonated in the air.
  • Ability King Bomb.png King Bomb
  • Fixed a bug where Bomb King couldn't move after colliding with Zhin's Spite.

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck

  • General
  • Health decreased from 2800 to 2300.
  • Base speed increased from 380 to 385.
  • WeaponAttack Buck Icon.png Shotgun
  • Damage increased from 570 to 800.
  • Ammo decreased from 6 to 4.
  • Faster reload speeds.
  • Less erratic spread.
  • Ability Net Shot.png Net Shot
  • New visual tell on gun to indicate Net Shot is ready.
  • Cooldown decreased from 12s to 10s.
  • Projectile collision increased.
  • Projectile speed increased from 260 to 350.
  • Range increased from 150 to 250.
  • Base duration increased from 1.5s to 2s.
  • Damage increased from 150 to 200.
  • Ability Recovery.png Recovery
  • Now is a 1s Channel that heals for 1000 Health.
  • Ability Heroic Leap.png Heroic Leap
  • Cooldown increased from 6s to 10s.
  • Ability Buck Wild.png Buck Wild
  • Grants 60% increased attack speed and infinite ammo.
  • No Longer Increases Weapon Damage.
  • No longer resets cooldowns.
  • Cards
  • Deep Breath
  • Reworked.
  • Activating Recovery Grants you 8/16/24/32% Damage Reduction for 2s.
  • Vigor
  • Reworked.
  • Activating Recovery generates 1/2/3/4 ammo.
  • Giga Siphon
  • Reworked.
  • After Recovery ends gain 8/16/24/32% Lifesteal for 4s.
  • Bully
  • Lifesteal values increased from 8/16/24/32% to 10/20/30/40%.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Bulk Up
  • Reworked.
  • Recovery heals for an additional 600 instantly and increases your max health by 300 for 5s.
  • Ensnare
  • Bonus damage decreased from 60% to 30%.
  • Bounce House
  • Bonus damage increased from 450 to 600.
  • Knockback increased by 50%.

Champion Kinessa Icon.png Kinessa

  • Cards
  • Bob and Weave
  • Movement Speed reduced from 40/80/120/160% to 35/70/105/140%.

Champion Maeve Icon.png Maeve

  • WeaponAttack Maeve Icon.png Daggers
  • Damage reduced from 450 to 420 per hit.
  • Ability Midnight.png Midnight
  • Duration now affected by resilience.
  • Cannot be reduced below 2s.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Artful Dodger
  • No longer cleanses debuffs, but still removes crowd control.
  • Cat Burglar
  • Damage increased from 20% to 30%.
  • Now affects the first 2 shots within 5s after prowl.

Champion Makoa Icon.png Makoa

  • Ability Ancient Rage.png Ancient Rage
  • Fixed a bug where if Makoa's health was below 4800 when Ancient Rage ended he would lose additional health.
  • Fixed Makoa able to use Ult while silenced from Torvald.

Champion Talus Icon.png Talus

  • Ability Blitz Upper.png Blitz Upper
  • Pre-fire time increased from 0.2s to 0.3s.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Faustian Bargain
  • Now also reduces the base cooldown of Rune of Travel.

Champion Torvald Icon.png Torvald

  • WeaponAttack Torvald Icon.png Gauntlet
  • Now has damage falloff over range.

Champion Tyra Icon.png Tyra

  • WeaponAttack Tyra Icon.png Auto Rifle
  • Damage falloff adjusted to deal more damage over range.
  • Ability Fire Bomb.png Fire Bomb
  • Maximum Health Damage per tick increased from 3% to 4%.

Champion Viktor Icon.png Viktor

  • WeaponAttack Viktor Icon.png Assault Rifle
  • Damage falloff to begin falloff 10ft further and at maximum falloff deal 10% more damage.

Champion Zhin Icon.png Zhin

  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Improved the visual feedback of when this ability is used.

PTS Only

  • Reworked.
  • Now increases damage dealt to Frontline Champions by 10/20/30%.
  • Siege Shield
  • Base Shield Health reduced from 5000 to 3000.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Fortress Breaker
  • Siege Shield Health bonus reduced from 3000 to 1800.
  • Barricade
  • Base Shield Health reduced from 5000 to 3000.
  • Cards
  • Bunker
  • Barricade Shield Health bonus reduced from 250/500/750/1000 to 150/300/450/600.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Fortify
  • Barricade Shield Health bonus reduced from 4000 to 2400.
  • Shield
  • Base Shield Health reduced from 8000 to 4800 Health.
  • Cards
  • Heat Transfer
  • Shield damage required to activate reduced from 1000 to 600.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Towering Barrier
  • Shield Health bonus reduced from 500/1000/1500/2000 to 300/600/900/1200.
  • Shell Shield
  • Base Shield Health reduced from 6000 to 3600.
  • Cards
  • Carapace
  • Bonus Shield Health reduced from 250/500/750/1000 to 150/300/450/600.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Barrier Reef
  • Shield damage required to activate reduced from 3000 to 1800.
  • Emitter
  • Base Shield Health changed from 3000 to 1800.
  • Recharge
  • Base Shield Health changed from 2000 to 1200.
  • Regeneration changed from 212.5 per tick to 127.5 per tick.
  • Protection
  • Base Shield Health changed from 2000 to 1200.