Paladins Beta Version 0.63.2252.2

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0.63 - Full Auto
OB63 PatchBanner.jpg
Release date: November 15th, 2017
Official name: Full Auto
Official version: 0.63
Hotfixes: Hotfix 1, Hotfix 2
Client version: 0.63.2252.2
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0.63 - Full Auto | November 15, 2017


Champion Vivian Icon.png New Champion - Vivian, The Cunning

  • Health: 2300

WeaponAttack Vivian Icon.png Weapon [LMB] - Light Machine Gun

Fire a shot every 0.14s dealing 200 damage. Effective up to Medium range. While firing you move 50% slower.

Ability Precision Sights.png Secondary Fire [RMB] - Precision Sights

Look down the barrel of your machine gun. You gain improved accuracy but move 50% slower. The slow does not stack with firing your gun.

Ability Deflector Shield.png Ability 1 [Q] - Deflector Shield

Project a frontal shield that blocks 1800 damage for 6s. You may fire while Deflector Shield is active.

Ability Sensor Drone.png Ability 2 [F] - Sensor Drone

Throw out a deployable sensor that reveals enemies to you in a large radius.

Ability Sentinels.png Ultimate [E] - Sentinels

Summon two Sentinel Drones that fire energy blasts while you shoot your Light Machine Gun. Each Sentinel fires once per second dealing 250 damage. Sentinels persist until destroyed or the player is killed.


  • Legendaries
  • Opportunity in Chaos
  • [Weapon] Deal 20% increased damage if you've stayed firing for 2s.
  • Sapper Rounds
  • [Weapon] Deal 150% increased damage to Shields.
  • Suspect Everyone [Default]
  • [Sensor Drone] You and your deployables take 20% less damage from enemies revealed by your Sensor Drone.
  • Cards
  • Numbed Heart
  • [Armor] Gain 50/100/150/200 Health.
  • One Step Ahead
  • [Armor] Gain 5/10/15/20% Movement Speed.
  • Runic Ammunition
  • [Weapon] Heal for 10/20/30/40% of damage dealt to shields.
  • Unchecked Ambition
  • [Weapon] Hitting a shot has a 12/24/36/48% chance to not cost ammo.
  • Controlling Nature
  • [Precision Sights] Successful shots in Precision Sights reduce the Cooldown of Sensor Drone by 0.04/0.08/0.12/0.16s.
  • Eyes on the Prize
  • [Precision Sights] Reduce recoil by 20/40/60/80% while using Precision Sights.
  • Hidden Reserves
  • [Precision Sights] Every shot made in Precision Sights has a 8/16/24/32% chance to not cost ammo.
  • Lightweight Alloy
  • [Precision Sights] Bring up Precision Sights 15/30/45/60% faster.
  • Contingency
  • [Deflector Shield] Increase Deflector Shield's Health by 200/400/600/800.
  • Plans Within Plans
  • [Deflector Shield] Heal for 20/40/60/80 Health per second while Deflector Shield is active.
  • Scapegoat
  • [Deflector Shield] While Deflector Shield is active 15/30/45/60% of damage dealt to you is instead dealt to the Shield.
  • Unfair Advantage
  • [Deflector Shield] Increase Deflector Shield's lifetime by 1/2/3/4s.
  • Crack the Whip
  • [Sensor Drone] Activating Sensor Drone grants 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed for 4s.
  • Informants
  • [Sensor Drone] Heal for 100/200/300/400 Health if you kill an enemy revealed by your Sensor Drone.
  • Joyless Eyes
  • [Sensor Drone] Increase the vision range of Sensor Drone by 10/20/30/40%.
  • Nowhere to Hide
  • [Sensor Drone] Sensor Drone's reveal lasts an additional 1/2/3/4s after an enemy leaves its vision range.


“We've updated the Daily Quest UI to more clearly present rewards to users. This new system increases the overall reward opportunity for players and allows more leniency when a few days are missed.”
  • Daily Logins
  • Daily Login progress will now persist over the entire 28 day cycle instead of resetting if a day is missed.
  • Every 7th login will increase quest rewards by 25%, up to 75%.
  • Daily login reward values have been adjusted.
  • Gold per week increased from 475 to 1200.
  • Essence per week decreased from 1750 to 1050.
  • Crystals are now rewarded by Daily Quests.
  • Players will receive a Radiant Chest as their day 7 reward.
  • Daily Quests
  • Replace weekly quests and first win of the day.
  • Every day players will receive a quest for Gold, a quest for a Radiant Chest, and a quest for Crystals.
  • Players may reroll 1 quest per day.
  • Quests that are not completed will roll over to the next day and keep your progress.
  • Quest reward values have been adjusted as quests have moved from weekly to daily.
  • Gold per week increased from average 2143 to 5600.
  • Essence per week increased from average 1286 to 3500.
  • Every 7 daily logins the currency rewards will increase by 25%.
  • Potential crystals per month increased from 140 to 154.
  • Daily quest rewards increase by 25% per completed week of daily logins until the end of the 28 day cycle.
  • Front Line Pack
“With the Frontline Pack, we are excited to introduce a new type of Spray! The Legendary Frontline Victory Spray is the first of a new type of spray that tracks your stats and lets you show them off. This Spray counts the number of matches you have won as a Frontline since obtaining the it.”
  • Includes
  • Enforcer Fernando
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray Art
  • 5 Legendary Keys
  • 5 Radiant Chests
  • 10,000 VIP Points
  • Front Line Victory Spray
  • Booster Weapons
“OB63 introduces a new type of Weapon Skin that acts as a Booster, not only for you, but also your entire team! These unique Legendary weapon skins are available for every champion and include custom VFX and deaths animation.”
  • New Legendary weapon skins for each character.
  • While equipped grants the following benefits to you:
  • +100% Champion Mastery
  • +50% Gold
  • +100% Player XP
  • While equipped grants the following benefits to your team:
  • +20% Champion Mastery
  • +20% Gold
  • +20% Player XP
  • Once purchased Booster weapons will be equippable for 3 days.
  • New structure for persistent Chests: Radiant, Gold and Diamond
“We've heard requests to roll for full skin collections (body, accessory, weapon), and introduced a new set of Chests toward that player desire. We'll continue to explore various chest options to satisfy player requests.”
  • Now includes all cards, Common and Uncommon cosmetics, Emotes, MVP poses, and Gold Cards.
  • No longer drops individual body and accessory pieces and instead will drop full champion skins.
  • 3 drops, can drop duplicates.
  • Purchasable with crystals or gold.
  • May use Enchanted Key, Legendary Key, or Role Legendary Key
  • Includes Rare and Epic cosmetics, emotes, MVP poses, and non-card sprays.
  • 1 drop, no duplicates.
  • Purchasable with crystals or VIP points.
  • May use Role Skin Key
  • Includes epic and legendary cosmetics, mounts
  • Skins that Drop will be FULL collections
  • 1 drop, no duplicates.
  • Purchasable with crystals
  • May use Role Skin Key
  • Role Skin Key
  • Available in the Gold and Diamond Chests. The Role Skin Key guarantees a Champion Skin for a Champion of a specific role.
  • Champion skin, Weapon, and Flair chest have been removed.
“Players who wanted to collect themed collections expressed frustration with content being packaged in separate chests. To address this, we are removing the chests that dropped pieces and parts and moving to more tiered and themed chests over time. Note that players that already have these chests will be able to roll them for a limited time.”
  • The Flair Chest is being removed. Players with inventory will still be able to open remaining chests and can still acquire via Realm Pack.
  • Guarantee mechanism for Gold chests
  • After a set number of item drops from chests, players will be guaranteed an item or a certain rarity.
  • Gold Chests will guarantee an Epic Skin or Weapon.
  • Common and Uncommon Cosmetic Skins and Weapons are no longer purchasable with gold. You may still purchase them with crystals or roll them in the Radiant Chest.
“These skins were not very popular gold purchases. To help players obtain them, we increased the drop rate of cosmetics within Radiant Chests. Cosmetics also now drop as full sets or collections within the Radiant Chest! We will be looking to increase the frequency of free Radiant Chest acquisition in the near future.”
  • Harrowing Horrors Collection will no longer be purchasable. Players on the Harrowing Harrows Questline may still complete it.
  • Teammate Death indicator on HUD
“When allied teammates die, an icon with their portrait and respawn timer will appear in the game world. This can be disabled in Gameplay settings. This is a nice quality of life improvement that many players have requested.”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Radiant Chest auto opened when only purchasing one.
  • Fixed an issue where Jenos' Void Grip would cause an unintended movement bonus.
  • Fixed an issue with Mal'Damba's Gourd hitbox was too large.
  • Fixed a bug where players qualifying for competitive had the potential to match against players of high rank.
  • Fixed an issue with Cauterize where newest wins was in effect.



  • Exclusive Content
  • Crime Fighter
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray Art
  • Emote: Jiggity Jig
  • Current Rotation
  • Chancellor Mal'Damba Collection
  • Timed Content
  • Starting this patch, we will be rotating some content out of the VIP store.
“VIP is intended to offer content that is Limited availability, rewarding those VIP supporters who choose to get it before it's gone.”

Limited - PWC 2018 Digital Loot Pack

“We are excited to introduce this year's HRX Bundle! All of these cosmetics are Limited and won't be attainable again.”

  • HRX 2018
  • Champion Skin + Weapon
  • MVP Pose: Champion 2018
  • Expo 2018
  • Champion Skin + Weapon
  • MVP Pose: Champion 2018
  • Coldsnap
  • Champion Skin + Weapon
  • Silver Tongue [Limited Conference Skin for 2018]
  • Champion Skin + Weapon
  • World Championship 2018 Spray


  • Spray: Chibi Androxus
  • Dune Crawler
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray
  • Spray: Chibi Drogoz
  • Spray: Chibi Fernando
  • Enforcer
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray
  • Renegade
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Spray
  • Spray: Chibi Maeve
  • Dark Lord
  • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray
  • Emote: Thigh Slapper
  • Deceiver
  • Champion Skin + Weapon
  • Emote: Delegate
  • MVP: Watchmen
  • Spray: Chibi Willo
  • Emote: Whirilibird


  • Dune Crawler Cassie
  • Dark Lord Torvald
  • Renegade Lex
  • Nova Strike Kinessa
  • Replicant Ying
  • Star Slayer Ruckus
  • V1-KTOR Viktor


  • Test Queue rotation:

Champions (Balance & Bug Fixes)

Champion Androxus Icon.png Androxus

  • Legendary Cards
  • Dark Stalker
  • Damage bonus reduced from 30% to 20%
  • Heads Will Roll
  • Now also increases clip size by 2.

Champion Jenos Icon.png Jenos

  • Ability Void Grip.png Void Grip
  • Fixed an issue with getting Void Gripped during or after your movement ability will result in 100% Air Control after its CC.
  • Legendary Cards
  • The Power Cosmeum
  • Fixed an issue where The Power Cosmeum dealt 60 more damage than it should.

Champion Talus Icon.png Talus

  • Ability Overcharge.png Overcharge
  • No longer consumes ammo.
  • Duration reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Raging Demon
  • Reworked.
  • Now increases the duration of Overcharge by 33%.

Champion Terminus Icon.png Terminus

  • WeaponAttack Terminus Icon.png Massacre Axe
  • Fixed a bug where the hitbox was smaller in third person than it was in first person.
  • Ability Power Siphon.png Power Siphon
  • Initial energy cost increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Ability Reanimate.png Reanimate
  • Charge Rate reduced by 15%.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Undying
  • Damage Reduction Threshold reduced from 50% to 40%.

Champion Torvald Icon.png Torvald

  • General
  • Horizontal collision size increased.