Paladins Beta Version 0.65.2353

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0.65 Hotfix 3 | January 18, 2018



  • Change to duplicate Gold Rates:
"Cosmetic duplicates were creating an economy breaking scenario for users and have been adjusted for sustainability."
  • Common Duplicate: 300 Gold
  • Uncommon Duplicate: 500 Gold
  • Rare Duplicate: 600 Gold
  • Epic Duplicate: 700 Gold

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Makoa Ancient Resolve causing Shell Shield to instantly cancel.
  • Fixed Fernando sometimes unable to use Flame Lance after cancelling Shield with Fireball.
  • Fixed Moji bot from purchasing Deft Hands.
  • Adjusted FX scale for Inara, Maeve, Ash, Grohk, Terminus, Mokoa and Moji to fit better inside Torvald's bubble.
  • Fixed a lobby issue with Pip's Rooster Brewster not appearing centered.
  • Fixed a menu transition issue where sometimes previous menu elements would be brought over to the next scene.
  • Fixed a translation issue on Spanish Crystal page.
  • Fixed a translation issue on Russian panels.
  • Fixed a scaling issue for French and Deutsch clients at the Champion page tabs.
  • Fixed Champion's Quest text issue to properly say “Complete!” once reaching 40/40 Daily Quests.
  • Fixed Diamond Chest details page showing incorrect total items.
  • Fixed a Chest issue where Open Again button doesn't unlock when the lock out timer expires in the chest screen.