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1.0b - A New(er) Frontier
R101 PatchBanner.jpg
Release date: May 26th, 2018
Official name: A New(er) Frontier
Official version: 1.0b
Hotfixes: Hotfix 2
Client version: 0.70.2621
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1.0b - A New(er) Frontier | May 26, 2018


Welcome to the 1.0b Update!

With Launch comes some changes to our Update Cycle.

Paladins’ major Content Updates will now be bigger and better than ever before. Content Updates will include new Champions, Events, or other large features in every single update. These major Content Updates will occur every 6 weeks.

In between these updates, Paladins will release smaller updates that focus on balance, polish, and fixing outstanding bugs — like this release.

Our 1.0b Patch introduces the awaited Battle Pass Challenges, new loading screen splash art, skins from another galaxy, Front Line focused balance, and a plethora of bug fixes.

Have fun in 1.0b, Champions!


Battle Pass

Players will be able to start completing Battle Pass Challenges in 1.0b! Challenges offer a way to further speed up your Battle Pass progress by completing various objectives during matches. Players who complete all Challenges before the Battle Pass ends will unlock the Legendary Title “Gearhead”.

  • Tier 1 Challenges: Blueprints
  • Unlocked at Battle Pass Level 2
  • Rewards 200,000 Battle Pass Experience for completing all Challenges
  • Tier 2 Challenges: Scrap Metal
  • Unlock at Battle Pass Level 11
  • Rewards 400,000 Battle Pass Experience for completing all Challenges
  • Tier 3 Challenges: Nuts and Bolts
  • Unlocked at Battle Pass Level 21
  • Rewards 600,000 Battle Pass Experience for completing all Challenges
  • Tier 4 Challenges: Wiring
  • Unlocked at Battle Pass Level 31
  • Rewards 800,000 Battle Pass Experience for completing all Challenges
  • Tier 5 Challenges: Power Source
  • Unlocked at Battle Pass Level 41
  • Rewards 1,000,000 Battle Pass Experience for completing all Challenges
  • Unlocks Legendary Title “Gearhead”

Loading Screen Splash Art

  • Added new Splash Art for the following:
  • Cassie: Default, Coral
  • Evie: Default, Evocation
  • Drogoz: Default, Dreadhunter, Tyrant, HRX 2018
  • Ruckus: Default, Sprocket
  • Zhin: Default, Nomad


  • Can now rotate preview models in the loadout scene as well as the Battle Pass scene


The Galaxy Chest makes its return with two new additions: Mercenary Strix and Galactic Scion Lian! Packed with space-themed Skins, the Galaxy Chest is your look into a Paladins Realm far, far away…

Strix Mercenary Promo.png

Mercenary Strix

  • Unlocked inside the Galaxy Chest

Lian Galactic Scion Promo.png

Galactic Scion Lian

  • Unlocked inside the Galaxy Chest

The Galaxy Chest also includes these awesome skins!

  • Star Slayer Ruckus (Legendary)
  • Dark Lord Torvald (Epic)
  • Dune Crawler Cassie (Epic)
  • Ebon Star Zhin (Epic)
  • Nova Strike Kinessa (Epic)
  • Replicant Ying (Epic)
  • V1-KTOR Viktor (Epic)

Covert Ops Lex

Unlocked by acquiring or buying 1,500 Crystals in Paladins Strike after linking a Hi-Rez account. Please note that Crystals received before linking an account will be excluded from your progress.

If you play on console, first link your console account to your Hi-Rez account. Then, you can link your Hi-Rez account in Paladins Strike.

Download Paladins Strike now, the new mobile hero shooter set in the Paladins universe.


  • Fixed a bug where there was no fog in the Team Deathmatch version of Magistrate’s Archives.


Champion Ash Icon.png Ash

"Developer Commentary: Assert Dominance can be great at buying time for an objective fight, or until a healer can get to you, but fees lackluster in most situations. These changes are aimed at making her ultimate feel more impactful when used, even if it’s not the perfect situation. The Range increase on Slug Shot gives Ash a true long range option."

  • Ability Assert Dominance.png Assert Dominance
  • Increased Damage 350 → 600
  • Increased Max Travel Distance
  • Ability Shoulder Bash.png Shoulder Bash
  • Reduced Cooldown 17s → 15s
  • Talents
  • Slug Shot
  • Increased Range Increase 50% → 100%

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck

  • Cards
  • Concussion
  • Reduced Scaling {1.5|1.5}s → {1|1}s

Champion Fernando Icon.png Fernando

"Developer Commentary: Safe Travels effectiveness was potent enough to be an ability itself. We have brought down the shield strength and duration to be more in line with other Front Line Cards."

  • Cards
  • Safe Travel
  • Reduced Shield Scaling {250|250} → {150|150}
  • Reduced Shield Duration 5s → 3s
  • Last Stand
  • Reduced Health Threshold 50% → 40%

Champion Inara Icon.png Inara

"Developer Commentary: In coordinated play, the Bonus Healing Received from Earthen Guard combined with her assortment of defensive tactics makes her incredibly hard to take down. We’ve reduced the innate effectiveness of the bonus healing so Inara is not as oppressive early on (before players can purchase higher levels of Cauterize)."

  • Ability Earthen Guard.png Earthen Guard
  • Reduced Increased Healing 60% → 40%
  • Cards
  • Stone Bulwark
  • Reduced Heal {30|30} → {25|25}

Champion Khan Icon.png Khan

"Developer Commentary: After analyzing Khan’s release, we have made numerous changes to bring him more in line with other Front Lines. Commander’s Grab acts as Khan’s only non-ultimate damaging ability, and his only movement ability. The increased damage will now make hitting this ability feel more rewarding for the opportunity cost of using it. Khan aims to be in the midst of Battle – However, despite having a healing based ability, Khan’s self healing is either equal or only slightly above other Front Lines. We’ve increased the effectiveness of Battle Shout to encourage this play style."

  • Ability Battle Shout.png Battle Shout
  • Increase Heal 800 → 1,000
  • Ability Overpower.png Overpower
  • Increase Damage 500 → 600
  • Increase Charge Rate
  • Ability Commander's Grab.png Commander's Grab
  • Increase Damage 400 → 600
  • Cards
  • Vigorous Defense
  • Increase HPS Scaling {10|10} → {25|25}
  • Hulking Strength
  • Increase Scaling {0.5|0.5} → {0.6|0.6}
  • Close and Personal
  • Increase Damage Reduction Scaling {6%|6%} → {8%|8%}
  • Reduced Duration 3s → 2s

Champion Kinessa Icon.png Kinessa

  • Ability Sniper Mode.png Sniper Mode
  • Increased zoom

Champion Ruckus Icon.png Ruckus

  • Base Health
  • Reduced from 4500 → 4000

Bug Fixes

  • Primal Prowler will no longer play its Voice Lines for Enemies.
  • Barik’s weapon now deals the proper amount of damage.
  • Fixed Frosty Foliage Grover displaying incorrect accessories in match.
  • Open Season now only reveals through stealth and walls to Kinessa.
  • Fixed an issue where Moji’s “Toot” talent was not properly healing players after they left the cloud
  • Fixed Terminus Crush applying slow to targets (note: debuff icon still persists)
  • Fixed an issue where Tyra’s Mastery Emote would not display her coin.
  • Fixed bug with Viktor’s running animation when switching from 1p to 3p
  • Sha Lin now turns to face the direction he is firing during Planted
  • We added a bonus item to the Season Pass 2018 that all Season Pass holders should have acquired
  • Battle Pass Boosters were incorrectly displaying as “Booster Name” when activated in Match Lobby
  • Changing tabs in battle pass will no longer cause the 3D models to disappear
  • Fixed equip issue with Battle Pass Spray after unlocking
  • Fixed Free Pass Level Up rewards displaying for incorrect level
  • Fixed Battle Pass Level Up rewards displaying previously unlocked rewards
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes 3D previews wouldn’t show in the Battle Pass scene.
  • Fixed odd bouncing camera animation for some 3D previews on the Battle Pass scene.
  • Fixed Champion Mastery and Account XP values awarding incorrect amounts after matches
  • Fixed Champion Mastery and Account XP values displaying incorrectly after matches
  • Fixed Battle Pass Team Booster giving a higher than intended XP Boost
  • Updated missing localizations for Battle Pass Booster title and description
  • Addressed Zhin Emotes not appearing for players. We will continue to investigate if this issue persists past 1.0b.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming would display jittery while spectating or watching Killcam
  • Fixed Various Crash Issues
  • Fixed missing tracers for Lian, Ruckus, Strix, and Barik
  • Fixed an issue where players could not equip Terminus’ Monolith Weapon
  • Fixed Season Pass still showing in Store DLC after purchasing
  • Fixed issue with player name always displaying as if in party
  • Fixed players displaying as if in party before accepting invite
  • Fix bug where the award screen was not properly showing rewards earned
  • Fixed an issue where Avatars didn’t show up immediately upon login.
  • Removed Battlegrounds Bindings
  • Updated out of date Daily Login Description
  • Updated Grohk Lobster’s Exclusive Item description
  • Updated Through Time and Space description
  • Updated Champion Pack acquisition descriptions

Console Specific

  • Updated Button Callouts to higher resolution textures
  • Party Leaders can now kick players from their party
  • All party members can now invite other members

Under Investigation

  • Known crash on the Georgia Peach Logo when launching Paladins.
  • Alt+Tab while in Fullscreen can cause a client crash
  • Known in match texture loading error, causing massive graphical distortion. More commonly referred to in the community as either the “LSD Bug” or “Hall of Mirrors”