Paladins Closed Beta Version 0.11.714.11

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Cards - Balance/Updates/Fixes

Champion Barik Icon.png Barik

  • Reduced amount that Turret’s Cooldown is lowered from 25 to 22s.
  • Reduced Knockup pulse timing from every 1s to every 1.5s.

Champion Buck Icon.png Buck

  • Reduced damage from 640 to 450.
  • Now also provides 5% increased accuracy.

Champion Cassie Icon.png Cassie

  • Now also reduces Scout’s Cooldown by 10s.

Champion Grohk Icon.png Grohk

  • Reduced the amount of Damage Reduction from 50 to 40%.
  • Reduced damage from 240 to 120 per second.
  • Reduced Root duration from 2s to 1.5s.

Champion Pip Icon.png Pip

  • Reduced damage from 600 to 475 over 4s.

Champion Skye Icon.png Skye

  • Reduced Mount speed increase from 60 to 45%.
  • Reduced amount that Short Fuse shortens Time Bomb’s explosion time from 1.5 to 1s.