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1.3 Hotfix 2 | August 2, 2018

Battle Pass 1: Because we wanted to get the 1.3 Update out to players as soon as possible, time to complete the first Battle Pass was cut short. We will be adding 3,381,300 Battle Pass 1 XP to the accounts of all players who purchased the first Battle Pass. This is the equivalent of the XP needed to get from level 48-50 or approximately 10-12 hours of gameplay. Players will unlock any rewards that would have been earned by that additional XP.


  • Addressed players sometimes not getting sent to the end of Match Lobby.
  • Fixed Account XP and Champion XP breakdown shown differently even when their total is equal.
  • Fixed players being able to pull up the Talent/Loadout selection screen during Killcam.
  • Fixed a focus issue with Emote Wheel on Gamepad where the player would be unable to purchase new slots or equip more emotes and sprays.
  • [Console Only] Fixed menu music always playing Rise of Furia.
  • Fixed Daily Rewards sometimes giving wrong day rewards.
  • Fixed TDM Bots grouping up at one point on the map.
  • Fixed missing descriptions for some skins.
  • Fixed Emote Wheel slots showing temporary art for acquisitions.
  • Koga Voice Pack Acquisition image having no 2D art.
  • Fixed purchase prompt showing in Match Lobby for items already owned.
  • Fixed Emote previews sometimes not playing for Champions with looping Emotes.


  • Fixed missing sounds from Viktor (Footsteps, Grenade and Barrage).
  • Fixed Academic Skye not having arms in first person.
  • Fixed not being able to equip Hi-Tek Barik skin and it showing as High Elf Lian.
  • Fixed Koga Skewer dealing damage through thin walls.

Battle Pass

  • Fixed crash at Challenges page when viewing Tier 7 in some languages.
  • Fixed an issue with Spray Challenge where players couldn’t complete it if they sprayed in a match before unlocking the Challenge.
  • Fixed issue with “Kill 15 players while below 5% Health” Challenge where it procced under 5 health instead of 5% health.
  • Fixed Shogunate Frame missing 2D Art in Battle Pass menu.