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1.3 Hotfix 3 | August 6, 2018


Thank you for your patience over the past few days regarding issues introduced by the most recent hotfix. This hotfix was intended to correct several frustrating issues for our players, and unfortunately, it broke other things.

About 30 minutes after our hotfix went live, we started seeing reports in the community of Furia and Lian audio issues. Since we’re unable to address audio issues without a patch, our only option was to disable Furia and Lian while we worked like hell on a fix. There’s no excuse for this low quality patch that was supposed to fix issues, not create them.

We’re completing a thorough investigation into exactly what went wrong. Though the investigation continues, we have determined the following issues led to the majority of the problems in Thursday’s hotfix:

  • Certain work-in-progress changes were accidently added into our hotfix build. Because these changes were not supposed to be a part of the build, our QA team was not asked to test them, so they slipped by unnoticed.
  • The Battle Pass fix was tested and confirmed as working because the intent of the fix had not been communicated properly to our testers. The fix worked, but was not the intended functionality.
  • Some other fixes worked in our testing environment but did not work in the live environment.

We are already reworking our processes to ensure these problems don't happen again. Some of the immediate changes are:

  • We’re implementing a more clearly defined process for submitting updated content, particularly related to audio changes.
  • On the Update and Hotfix Notes, you will now see a section of bug fixes labelled “under investigation.” This will include fixes that we are testing or fixes that our QA team believes will solve the issue at hand but are not able to 100% confirm.
  • We’re improving the communication of design intent to our QA teams.

The team has put together a new hotfix that will address the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the Pyre Strike SFX persisted after Pyre Strike's VFX stop.
  • Fixed an issue where Lian’s Presence, Grace, Valor, and Enlightenment had no SFX.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not unlock the “Shadow Warrior Trials” Challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not unlock “The Ninja” title.

The following bugs are under investigation:

  • Issue where players are sometimes not sent to the end of match lobby.
  • Issue where some players did not receive items from Battle Pass 1 following the 1.3 Hotfix.
  • Issue where a small subset of players did not receive the initial Battle Pass 1 refund.

We're going to be rolling out these fixes as soon as possible on each platform. This hotfix will release August 6 at 10 am EDT on PC and PS4. We've submitted the patch to our console partners, and pending approval during the certification process, we hope to update next week on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Thank you again for your patience, and we're very sorry this hotfix did not live up to your standards, or ours. You guys deserve the best, and we’re going to work our butts off to make sure that Paladins is the very best it can be!