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The Realm is the place where the action of Paladins takes place.

In-Game Locations[edit | edit source]

Glacier Keep Enchanted Forest Temple Isle
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Frozen Guard
Loading Village.png
Fish Market
Loading Isle.png
Frog Isle
Loading NRMines.png
Ice Mines
Loading SpiralV2.png
Timber Mill
Loading TempleV2.png
Jaguar Falls
Loading IceArena.png
Snowfall Junction
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Loading BeachV2.png
Serpent Beach
Loading FrostbiteCaverns.png
Frostbite Cavern
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Tutorial Map
Loading TropicalArena.png
Primal Court
Loading Payload Ruins.png
Hidden Temple
Loading ShootingGallery.png
Shooting Range Temple

The Abyss Dimensions Unnamed Warders Location Crosswind Hold
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Loading DragonsArena.png
Dragon Arena
Loading TradeDistrict.png
Trade District
Abyss Spire (Event Mode)
Loading DragonsCall.png
Warder's Arena (Event Mode)
Loading Castle.png
Stone Keep
Loading Throne.png
Loading DragonSiege.png
Warder's Gate
Loading Archives.png
Magistrate's Archives

Unnamed Quarry Location Unnamed Swamp Location Unnamed Mountain Location
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Splitstone Quarry
Loading Atrium.png
Loading AscensionPeak.png
Ascension Peak
Loading Quarry Onslaught.png
Foreman's Rise

Unnamed Pirate Location Shattered Desert Location
Loading MaraudersPort.png
Marauder's Port
Loading ShatteredDesert.png
Shattered Desert
Loading Bazaar.png

In-Lore Locations[edit | edit source]

The universe of Paladins: Champions of the Realm takes place in The Realm. The continent or landmass on which most of the in-game events takes place is divided into multiple regions with its own distinct climates, homeland races, and geographies. Known regions include:

  • Abyss (Location)
    The Abyss is the place where souls go after they die. It is home to the Abyssal Lords, one was on top of the Abyssal Spire until he was killed by Furia.
  • Crosswind Hold
    Crosswind Hold is a location in the realm.
  • Deepwerks
    The Deepwerks is a Magistrate facility overseen by Vivian.
  • Enchanted Forest
    A mysterious and foggy region of the Realm that boasts tall forests and beautiful harbors. Timber Mills and fishing hubs can be found in this region. It is also likely the region has natural outcroppings of magic and/or a concentrated group of alchemists and magicians, as evident in the number of potion shops in Fish Market.
  • Glacier Keep
    A frigid and dangerous region of the Realm that comprises of year-round snow and ice. There are a number of mining and trading facilities set up here. Its possible the Glacial Keep borders the region that Ascension Peak is located in, as suggested by the overlapping flora in Frostbite Caverns.
  • Greenwood
    Greenwood is a location in the realm. It is Cassie's former home which she escaped with the help from a mysterious oracle.
  • Ruby Throne
    The Ruby Throne is the throne of House Aico. Lian set herself up as the legitimate heiress to the Ruby Throne along with her faithful bodyguard and general, Khan.
  • Red River
    The Red River is home to the Red River Orc tribe and it's chieftain Grohk.
  • Seris (Village)
    Seris was a village in the realm which housed a portal to the Abyss, that demanded to be fed. When the Void's hunger grew stronger and stronger until realised that the Abyss did not hunger for souls, but for a body. The Abyss was unleashed and the village of Seris was destroyed.
  • Temple Isle
    A tropical collection of beaches and islands that have architecture from some bygone civilization. Old temples and statues can be found here in abundance. There is some sort of magic property associated with the ruins, as evident in the natural lighting of the crystals on Serpent Beach.
  • The Eight Oceans
    The Eight Oceans are large expanses of sea in the realm, ruled by the Admiral of the Abyss, Judd Roberts (Dredge).


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Complete Timeline
Complete Timeline