Shattered Goddess Return

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The Shattered Goddess Return takes places after the Magistrate found the shards of the moon in the Shattered Desert which contain the Darkness.


We watched you for eons - waiting, dreaming of the day we might meet. It wasn´t supposed to be like this. Pieces of us hurtled toward your embrace along with something else - the Darkness. We were broken, unhold, unworthy of your servants kindness. But to see them broken too, they do not deserve this. We do not wish to fight, but we will do what we must. There is still hope left in the Realm. And so I am here, so no more will be broken.

For eons, Io watched over the Realm from the moon. But then the darkness struck, shattering the moon and smothering her light. Some shards of the moon fell to the Realm. And where they landed, they killed all that they touched. The Shattered Deserted formed. The people who were left built a new city - the Bazaar. The people of Bazaar worship the moon goddess for protection. In the centuries since the shattering, the goddess has hidden in shadows. Her fox was the only constant companion for her people through her long absence. Furthermore the Magistrate under the leadership of Corvus arrived. They searched in the Shattered Desert for the shards of the moon, that contain a power they want to use to destroy the Resistance. The villagers protected the pieces of her goddess that fell here, but they will not stand a chance against the Magistrate.

Now, the Shattered Goddess returns to the Realm and helps her people. Io gravely injures Corvus in this battle.

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