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Shore Patrol (Lian)
Lian Collection Shore Patrol Icon.png
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Release Date: July 17, 2019
Voice actor: Lindsay Seidel
Champion's Page: Lian
Collection: Shore Patrol Lian Collection

Beach Bash Lian Collection

Champion Selection[edit | edit source]

Match Start[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "Ugh, I can't believe Neil talked me into this community service gig."
  • ▶️ "Guard your lives. I'm on duty."

Mounting Up[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Valor[edit | edit source]

Presence[edit | edit source]

Grace[edit | edit source]

Enlightenment (Ultimate)[edit | edit source]

Item Purchased[edit | edit source]

Grunts[edit | edit source]

Attacking[edit | edit source]

▶️  •  ▶️  • ▶️  •  ▶️  •  ▶️

Taking Damage[edit | edit source]

▶️  •  ▶️  • ▶️  •  ▶️  •  ▶️

Jumping[edit | edit source]

▶️  •  ▶️  • ▶️  •  ▶️  •  ▶️

Death[edit | edit source]

▶️  •  ▶️  •  ▶️  •  ▶️  •  ▶️

Environmental Death[edit | edit source]

▶️  •  ▶️  •  ▶️

Status Related[edit | edit source]

Attempting to Use Ability on Cooldown[edit | edit source]

Taking Damage[edit | edit source]

Death[edit | edit source]

Kill Related[edit | edit source]

First Blood[edit | edit source]

Kill Streak[edit | edit source]

Kill Taunt[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "You have the body of a surfer but you're just another shoobie." (Koga)
  • ▶️ "Ugh, the beach seriously attracts all the crazies." (Evie)
  • ▶️ "There's nothing worse than a beach bro." (Buck)
  • ▶️ "You shred big guy. Wanna hang after the E.R.?" (Makoa)
  • ▶️ "Nice swimsuit, kid." (Talus)
  • ▶️ "That's not what I meant when I asked to see your quiver." (Sha Lin)
  • ▶️ "Geez! I just wanted ice in my bev." (Imani)
  • ▶️ "For what it's worth sis.. I like your attitude." (Cassie)
  • ▶️ "I didn't put on this swimsuit to be ignored." (Fernando)
  • ▶️ "Literal. Poser." (Lian)

Death Directed[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "Poison... sea snake." (Mal'Damba)
  • ▶️ "I thought sea turtles were... friendly?" (Makoa)

Objective[edit | edit source]

Capturing a Point[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "We're hanging ten! They're barely hanging on."

Enemy Capturing a Point[edit | edit source]

Match End[edit | edit source]

Victory[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "Ahaha, you losers waaayy overgunned. Bunch of quimbies."
  • ▶️ "Just wait til' Neil gets here. Then you'll be even more sorry you stepped foot on my beach."

Defeat[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "Whatever. You're all a bunch of goat-boaters anyway."
  • ▶️ "I'm a Betty. You're a Barney. So who's the real loser here?"

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Taunt[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "Dude, you can't last in the soup. You can barely cheat five."
  • ▶️ "You're about to get ragdolled by this doll."
  • ▶️ "While you shoobies piddle in the ankle-busters, I'll be shredding in the green room."

Jokes[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "What? No, I'm not mad. I just have resting beach face."
  • ▶️ "I became a lifeguard so I wouldn't drown in the tears of all the players I've nailed."
  • ▶️ "*Gasp* He's drowning! Everyone, clear the waters so he dies!"

Laughs[edit | edit source]

Using Weapon[edit | edit source]

Respawn[edit | edit source]

Main Lobby[edit | edit source]

Unlocking Champion[edit | edit source]

Unlocking Cosmetic[edit | edit source]

Enemy Position[edit | edit source]

Behind[edit | edit source]

Above[edit | edit source]

Sniper[edit | edit source]

Ally Position[edit | edit source]

Heal Me[edit | edit source]

VGS[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Enemy
C Careful
D Defend
E Emote
H Help
R Retreat
S Self
V Other

VA - Attack[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 ▶️ "Flank left!"
2 ▶️ "Attack up the middle!"
3 ▶️ "Flank right!"
A ▶️ "Go aggro!"
E ▶️ "Push the payload!"
G ▶️ "Capture the good tanning spots!"

VB - Enemy[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 ▶️ "Beach leeches on left flank!"
2 ▶️ "Goat-boaters up the middle!"
3 ▶️ "Posers on right flank!"
B ▶️ "Paddlepusses have returned to shore. As expected."
E ▶️ "Loser alert behind us!"
G ▶️ "Shoobies stealing our sunrays."
I ▶️ "Sharks on the horizon!"
S ▶️ "Ugh, I see some shoobies."

VC - Careful[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 ▶️ "Be careful left flank!"
2 ▶️ "Be careful middle!"
3 ▶️ "Be careful right flank!"
B ▶️ "Return to shore!"
C ▶️ "No running on the concrete!"

VD - Defend[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 ▶️ "Guard left flank!"
2 ▶️ "Guard the middle!"
3 ▶️ "Guard right flank!"
D ▶️ "Turtle up!"
E ▶️ "Do not let them jack that car!"
G ▶️ "Guard the prime tanning spots!"

VE - Emote[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A ▶️ "Radical!"
G ▶️ "Yeah, I what?"
J Jokes
L Laughs
R ▶️ "You must be a local!"
T Taunts
W ▶️ "My shift is over!"

VH - Help[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 ▶️ "Help left flank!"
2 ▶️ "Help the middle!"
3 ▶️ "Help right flank!"
H ▶️ "Help! Shark!"
S ▶️ "Need some first aid!"

VR - Retreat[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
R ▶️ "We gotta dip!"
S ▶️ "Save yourself! ..what? Don't look at me."

VS - Self[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A Attack
D Defend
O ▶️ "I got it!"
R ▶️ "Headed back to shore!"

VSA - Attack[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 ▶️ "I'll shred left flank!"
2 ▶️ "I'll rip the middle!"
3 ▶️ "I'll pop off on right flank!"
A ▶️ "I'm going aggro!"
B ▶️ "I'll knock over their sand castle!"
E ▶️ "I'll push the Payload!"
G ▶️ "I'll claim the primo tanning spots!"

VSD - Defend[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 ▶️ "I'm watching over left flank!"
2 ▶️ "Guarding the middle from my tower!"
3 ▶️ "I'm watching over right flank!"
B ▶️ "I'll guard the shore!"
D ▶️ "Lifeguard on duty!"
E ▶️ "I am NOT letting them jack my car."
G ▶️ "I'll guard the good tanning spots!"

VV - Other[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
G General
V Position
A ▶️ "Ugh, alright..."
B ▶️ "B.-R.-B.!"
C ▶️ "Did it, dude."
K ▶️ "Hah. Deuces."
N ▶️ "Sis.. no.."
P ▶️ "Can you like... please?"
S ▶️ "Sorry not sorry!"
T ▶️ "Mahalo!"
W ▶️ "Hold up!"
X ▶️ "Nix that!"
Y ▶️ "Uhh...ya!"

VVG - General[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
B ▶️ "I'm bailing!"
F ▶️ "Let's shred!"
G ▶️ "Pretty rad game!"
H ▶️ "Aloha."
L ▶️ "Don't go tombstoning."
N ▶️ "That was SICK!"
O ▶️ "My b."
Q ▶️ "Shut.. up!"
R ▶️ "It's chill."
S ▶️ "Life's a beach."
T ▶️ "Bummer, man."
W ▶️ "Don't get used to it."

VVV - Position[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A ▶️ "Let's snake 'em!"
B ▶️ "Got some losers back there!"
C ▶️ "Chase those sharks!"
D ▶️ "I can't kneel for nothing!"
E ▶️ "Surfing over!"
F ▶️ "Follow the sound of my whistle!"
G ▶️ "Stick together better!"
R ▶️ "Ready to make them kneel!"
S ▶️ "Don't move past the buoy!"
T ▶️ "They're gonna snake us!"
X ▶️ "How about you all go reeeeeally far away from me."

Unused[edit | edit source]

Spawn Chatter[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "Once I'm off work, can you show me your secret surfing spot?" (Makoa)
  • ▶️ "Another kid I'll need to save from drowning. Great." (Talus)

Idling[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "I'm tired of waiting around like a poser."
  • ▶️ "Guess it's time to work on my tan."

Top Play[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "Stay salty, babes. "
  • ▶️ "I'm just here to blow the whistle, you can save yourself, right?"

VGS[edit | edit source]

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