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Ska'drin are a race in the Realm. They're generally humanoid creatures with tails and thick horns on their heads. However, many shave off their horns and tuck their tails away to try and blend in. [1] While generally peaceful, the ska'drins have a lot of magic, with many rune based spells and magic originating from them.[1]

Most ska'drins seem to live on a remote island that was once protected by Makoa but after he was summoned to the mainland by an unknown individual or force during the Civil War, the island is now unprotected. Many ska'drins are currently in hiding or on the run, as revealed here.

This habit of hiding away comes from the discrimination they receive from almost every other race in the Realm.[2] This has also caused them to have almost been wiped out twice, resulting in their fearful lifestyle.[1] Talus himself once almost lost his family to an angry mob for this reason, as stated in his bio.

It was explained here that the root of their discrimination is a combination of the fact they may not have helped fight off the Goblin Scourges due to living away from the danger on their islands, as well as the fact their horns and tails make them a more easily identifiable target, explaining their habit of hiding these features.

It's also stated here, that if any current or future champions aside from Talus are ska'drins, they aren't saying anything about it.

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  • Card Guts.png Patterned Ska'drin (from Guts)

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  • Khan is the only canon character that has discriminated against the Ska'drin in official media, in his own voice pack in this case.


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