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Ska'drin is a race in the world of Paladins.

Ska'drin are humanoid creatures with furry tails and thick horns on their heads. Ska'drin are disrespected, persecuted and segregated.

They also seem to be very religious, as many of Talus's cards show ancient structures of gods; a few even depicting ancients such as Makoa. The Ska'drin may have been the inventors of several artifacts of runic energy, thus explaining why Talus believes that Torvald's gauntlet and its power doesn't belong to him.

Despite their history and technological background, the Ska'drin are a misunderstood and maligned race that have been systematically exterminated at least twice in the past. The few that remain are in constant hiding, going as far as to shave their horns and tuck their tails. This is not what Talus does, however.

Speculation: It is suggested that Temple Isle may be the mysterious homeland of the Ska'drin due to the vastly overlapping visual architecture and style between Talus's default skin, card art, and island architecture. If this is true, then 1) Makoa also is from Temple Isle and 2) there are undiscovered volcanoes on Temple Isle.

Known Ska'drin[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]


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