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Status Effects (also known as Debuffs or Crowd Control) are negative conditions in Paladins. They usually affect the targeted champions with some kind of penalty, and the effect wears off over time. Most status effects can be removed or mitigated with certain Cards or skills.

Hard Crowd Control effects such as Stuns or Silences will interrupt channeled skills.

List of Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Debuff Bleed.png Bleed[edit | edit source]

Bleed causes the target to take damage over time for the duration.

Debuff Burn.png Burn[edit | edit source]

Burn causes the target to take damage over time for the duration.

Debuff Poison.png Cauterize[edit | edit source]

Cauterize reduces or nullifies any healing the target receives for the duration.

Debuff Cripple.png Cripple[edit | edit source]

Cripple prevents the target from using movement skills for the duration.

Debuff Disarm.png Disarm[edit | edit source]

Disarm prevents the target from using weapon basic attacks for the duration.

Debuff Fear.png Fear[edit | edit source]

Fear forces the target to run away from the status effect's source for the duration.

Debuff Freeze.png Freeze[edit | edit source]

Freeze locks the target in place for the duration.

Debuff Knockback.png Knockback & Knockup[edit | edit source]

Knockback pushes the target away from the source of the status effect. Knockup makes the target airborne while keeping their momentum. The target is unable to take any action for the duration.

Debuff Mark.png Mark[edit | edit source]

Mark makes the target take additional damage once the mark is activated by its trigger (usually weapon shots). It may also reveal the target for the duration.

Debuff Chicken.png Polymorph[edit | edit source]

Polymorph causes the target to turn into a chicken. Chickens have 1500 health and are unable to use weapons or skills for the duration. Targets are returned to their previous health state when the effect ends.

Debuff Poison.png Poison[edit | edit source]

Poison causes the target to take damage over time for the duration.

Debuff Reveal.png Reveal[edit | edit source]

Reveal makes the target always visible to their opponent for the duration. However it will not break Stealth effects, unless otherwise stated.

Debuff Silence.png Silence[edit | edit source]

Silence prevents the target from using any of their skills for the duration.

Debuff Slow.png Slow[edit | edit source]

Slow reduces the target's movement speed for the duration.

Debuff StickyBomb.png Sticky Bomb[edit | edit source]

Sticky Bomb indicates how many of Bomb King's Sticky Bombs are currently attached to the target.

Debuff Stun.png Stun[edit | edit source]

Stun prevents the target from taking any kind of actions for the duration.

Debuff Root.png Root[edit | edit source]

Root prevents the target from moving and using movement skills.

Status Effects Reduction[edit | edit source]

There are several means of reducing the effectivity of debuffs and crowd control effects or even nullifying them entirely. Some champion skills and cards reduce the duration or strength of certain effects while others provide a temporary immunity to some or all of them.

The item called Resilience reduces the duration of crowd control effects.

Diminishing Returns[edit | edit source]

Diminishing returns is a mechanic that makes crowd control effects less effective when used on a recently affected target. When a target is first hit by a crowd control effect, they are affected for the entire duration. If they are hit with another effect within 15 seconds, that effect will only last 66% of its normal duration. Any other effects after that will only last 33% of their original duration. A target can be crowd controlled as normal once 15 seconds has past since they were last affected.