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Stealth is a mechanic in Paladins that allows champions to turn invisible to the opposing team. Taking enough damage or performing actions like weapon attacks or casting skills will break stealth, making the champion visible again. Enemies moving too close to an stealthed character will cause it to become partially visible. There are also some cards and items that allow champions to diminish or disable the effects of stealth while other ones can enhance their effect or enable additional ways to trigger the effect.

Champions capable of using Stealth are:

  • Skye: She has the skill Hidden, which allows her to become stealthed for a duration. Smoke Screen will also grant her stealth the first time she enters the cloud. Her Emergency Exit card grants her stealth at low health.
  • Sha Lin: He has the ability to go into stealth through his Withdraw and Heat Haze skills.
  • Seris: She can enter stealth while also becoming untargetable for a short time upon activating Shadow Travel.
  • Strix: He has a toggleable Stealth skill that runs on a stealth resource.

Stealth Grass[edit | edit source]

The Stealth Grass are clusters of tall grass located in specific areas in most maps. Stealth Grass allows champions to go into stealth to hide in plain sight when they enter the area. If a player enters one, they and their teammates will gain vision of whats inside it.

Champions are revealed when a player of the opposite team enters the bush or when they take any kind of action. Channeled skills such as Evie's Ice Block will not reveal the champion for the entire duration, only when the skill is activated (took action), or canceled early (took action).

Skye's Smoke Screen acts very much like a deployable stealth grass, except that enemies are unable to see inside the cloud even if one of their teammates is in it.

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