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Strix Thumbnail.png
Title: Ghost Feather
Class: Class Damage Icon.png Damage
Release Date: August 23, 2017
Cost: 60000 Currency Gold.png or 300 Currency Crystals.png
Voice lines: Strix voice lines
Voice Actor: Cris George
Health: 2100
Movement Speed: 340

Strix is one of the Champions in Paladins.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Having spent most of his life in the military, Strix was an invaluable member of the Sentinels, tasked with training their elite sharpshooters. He was reassigned after the unit was disbanded, sent to the front lines with the regular army as it prepared to put down the resistance.

Always the calm and composed professional, he is the master of stealth and camouflage, able to pick off high value targets before the enemy is even aware of his presence--or that they are under attack at all.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Strix is one of two snipers along with Kinessa. He is the first champion capable of switching between his primary and secondary weapons, with Koga being the only other champion that can do this. His ultimate is the flashbang grenade, which is a non-lethal ordnance that can blind his enemies for a short period of time. His sniper rifle can deal 1200 damage per round to the body or limb. A headshot can deal 1800 damage, capable of killing any Flank champion and most Damage and Support champions. His pistol deals less damage but is useful for engaging in close-quarters situations.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Talon Rifle

Direct Damage

A powerful rifle that fires one 1200 damage shot every second.

Side Arm: A semi-automatic pistol that deals 220 damage per shot.

Ability Placeholder LMB.png


  • Both weapons can do headshots.
  • Both weapons have reduced accuracy while airborne.
  • Rifle:
    • Is bolt action and has an ammo count of 5.
    • Has a reload time of 2.3s.
    • Generates 7.75% of ultimate charge per hit.
    • Has extremely low accuracy when not using Scope.
  • Pistol:
    • Has an ammo count of 10.
    • Has a reload time of 1.3s.
    • Generates 1.5% of ultimate charge per hit.
    • Has high recoil.


Direct Damage

Look down your scope and gain pin point accuracy.

Flare: Fire a flare that reveals enemies in a large radius.

Ability Placeholder RMB.png


  • Scope
  • Can be used while jumping.
  • Flare
  • Has a cooldown of 15s.
  • The projectile will fly for up to 7s or until it hits terrain.
  • Reveals enemies near the projectile and for 3s in a large area of effect after it explodes.
  • If the projectile hits a target before exploding, it'll dissapear and will instead deal 200 damage to the target, followed by several ticks of 10 damage over 3s. The target is revealed for the duration.

Quick Switch


Switch to your other weapon.

Ability Placeholder Q.png




Enter stealth and hide yourself from vision. While in Stealth your energy is consumed.

Ability Placeholder F.png
Cooldown Icon White.png 1


  • Has 100 stealth resource.
  • Has an activation time of .5s.
  • Instantly consumes 33 resource upon activation.
  • Consumes 10 resource per second while active.
  • Cannot be activated below 40 resource.
  • Taking 500 or more damage cancels Stealth.
  • Regenerates 12 resource per second while inactive and out of combat, 2 resource while in combat.
  • Resource regeneration starts only after the cooldown is over.
  • Plays a distinct noise around Strix while the skill is active, which gets louder as the stealth resource get lower.

Flash Bang (Ultimate)

Area Damage

Throw a Flash Bang grenade that detonate on contact blinding nearby enemies for 3 seconds

Ability Placeholder E.png


  • Deals 150 damage to targets hit by the explosion.
  • Has damage falloff.
  • Blind duration depends on how far the target is from the explosion's center.
  • Flash Bang has a large range, but sharp falloff.
  • Cannot see revealed targets through blindness.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Talent Strix Nocturnal.png Nocturnal

Your Stealth bar is consumed 50% slower.

Talent Strix CrackShot.png Crack Shot

Your Side Arm deals 20% more damage to targets that you have hit with your Talon Rifle within the last 4s.

Talent Strix UnauthorizedUse.png Unauthorized Use

Flare deals 300% more Damage, its Projectile Speed is increased by 100, and its Cooldown is reduced by 10s.

Talent Strix Ambush.png Ambush

Weapon Shots Made in stealth deal 15% more damage.

Cards[edit | edit source]

This is a list with all cards available to Strix:

Name Image Description Cooldown
Bushwhack Card Bushwhack.png Swapping to your Pistol grants {5|5}% Lifesteal for 3s. 10
Cooled Mags Card Cooled Mags.png Every 1.5 Seconds your inactive Weapon generates {1|1} Ammo.
Dexterous Card Dexterous.png Reduce the time to swap to your Side Arm by {20|20}%.
Escape Plan Card Escape Plan.png Entering stealth below 65% health heals you for {100|100} health. 10
Flare XL Card Flare XL.png Increase the Reveal range of Flare by {10|10}%.
Grizzled Card Grizzled.png Gain {50|50} Health.
Guerilla Tactics Card Guerilla Tactics.png Eliminations grant {15|15} Stealth Resource.
Infused Crystals Card Infused Crystals.png Increase the ammo count of both of your weapons by {2|2}.
Overburn Card Overburn.png Flare's reveal effect lasts an additional {1|1}s.
Relentless Card Relentless.png Reduce the movement speed penalty of Scope by {20|20}%.
Resourceful Card Resourceful.png Every second your rifle is out, the cooldown of Flare is reduced by {0.2|0.2}s.
Roost Card Roost.png While using Scope gain {6|6}% damage reduction.
Stalker Card Stalker.png Increase your Reload Speed by {10|10}% while Stealth is active.
Tactical Retreat Card Tactical Retreat.png Gain {10|10}% Movement Speed for 2s when entering stealth.
Trigger Control Card Trigger Control.png Reduce maximum Side Arm inaccuracy by {8|8}%
White Knuckle Card White Knuckle.png Reduce Side Arm recoil by {6|6}%.

Pre-Built Loadout[edit | edit source]

Voice Packs[edit | edit source]

If you own the default Voice Pack, you can access any Voice Packs for skins you currently own or purchase in the future.



Strix Voice Default.png

200 Currency Crystals.png



Strix Voice Infiltrator.png



Strix Voice Mercenary.png



Strix Voice Remix.png

Cosmetic Items[edit | edit source]

These are the Cosmetic Items currently available for Strix:

Champion Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Strix

Strix Collection Default Strix Icon.png

Strix Thumbnail.png



Strix Collection Phoenix Icon.png

Strix Phoenix.png

40000 Currency Gold.png / 200 Currency Crystals.png
(Phoenix Strix Collection)



Strix Collection Raven Icon.png

Strix Raven.png


(Rare, Limited)

Strix Collection Coldsnap Icon.png

Strix Coldsnap.png

Bad Mother Clucker

(Rare, Exclusive)

Strix Collection Bad Mother Clucker Icon.png

Strix Bad Mother Clucker.png

(Battle Pass 1)
Level 31 BattlePass I4E.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

Strix Collection Infiltrator Icon.png

Strix Infiltrator.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

Strix Collection Mercenary Icon.png

Strix Mercenary.png


(Legendary, Exclusive)

Strix Collection Remix Icon.png

Strix Remix.png


(Legendary, Limited)

Strix Collection Redux Icon.png

Strix Redux.png

(Battle Pass 3)
Level 50 (Encore Path)
(Redux Strix Collection)

Weapon Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Talon Rifle

Strix Weapon Default Talon Rifle Icon.png

Phoenix Talon Rifle


Strix Weapon Phoenix Talon Rifle Icon.png

40000 Currency Gold.png / 200 Currency Crystals.png
(Phoenix Strix Collection)

Raven Talon Rifle


Strix Weapon Raven Talon Rifle Icon.png

Coldsnap Talon Rifle

(Rare, Limited)

Strix Weapon Coldsnap Talon Rifle Icon.png

Infiltrator's Deathstroke

(Epic, Exclusive)

Strix Weapon Infiltrator's Deathstroke Icon.png

Mercenary's Blaster

(Epic, Exclusive)

Strix Weapon Mercenary's Blaster Icon.png

Remix Equalizer

(Legendary, Exclusive)

Strix Weapon Remix Equalizer Icon.png

Redux Equalizer

(Legendary, Limited)

Strix Weapon Redux Equalizer Icon.png

(Battle Pass 3)
Level 50 (Encore Path)
(Redux Strix Collection)

Golden Talon Rifle

(Legendary, Mastery)

Strix Weapon Golden Talon Rifle Icon.png

Rewarded at Champion Mastery Level 50

Emotes[edit | edit source]

MVP Poses[edit | edit source]


Strix MVP Icon.png

Strix Thumbnail.png

Mission Accomplished

(Rare, Exclusive)

Strix MVP Icon.png

Strix MVP Mission Accomplished.png

Colossal Chest.png

Videos[edit | edit source]

Champion Teaser[edit | edit source]

Ability Breakdown[edit | edit source]

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In a tweet from Thomas Holt he revealed that Strix was Kinessa's mentor.
  • His semi-automatic pistol resembles the Luger P08 pistol used by Germany during WW1 and WW2.
  • Strix's might be taken from Strix, a owl of bed omen.
  • He and Viktor share a same death quote, ''Not...Afraid...''.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Paladins Beta Version 0.70.2609 (April 26, 2018)
  • Card
  • Overburn
  • Flare's reveal effect lasts an additional {1|1}s ➡️ {0.6|0.6}s.

Paladins Beta Version 0.68.2559 (March 28, 2018)

  • Ability Flare.png Flare (Ability)
  • Now reveals through stealth.
  • Now reveals to teammates.
  • Reduced Radius 120 ➡️ 45.
  • Added 3p Reveal VFX.
  • WeaponAttack Strix Icon 2.png Talon Rifle Side arm
  • Reduced Damage from 250 to 220
  • Cards
  • Bushwhack
  • Swapping to your Pistol grants {5|5}% Lifesteal for 2s ➡ 3s.
  • Cooled Mags
  • Every 2s ➡ 1.5s your inactive Weapon generates {1|1} Ammo.
  • Flare XL
  • Increase the Reveal range of Flare by {20|20}% ➡ {10|10}%.
  • Resourceful
  • [Quick Switch] Every 2s ➡ 1s seconds your rifle is out, the cooldown of Flare is reduced by {0.25|0.25} ➡ {0.20|0.20}.

Paladins Beta Version 0.64.2312 (December 18, 2017)

  • Health increased from 2000 to 2100.
  • Cards
  • Relentless
  • [Scope] Reduce the movement speed penalty of Scope by {10|10}%.
  • Rescaled so that maximum rank Movement Speed penalty reduction is still 100%.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Unauthorized Use
  • New.
  • [Flare] Increase the Projectile Speed of Flare by 100, increase its Damage by {255|15}%, and reduce its Cooldown by 10s.

Paladins Beta Version 0.59.2111.2 (September 20, 2017)

  • General
  • Fixed a bug where Strix would not autobuy items.
  • Fixed a bug where activating Stealth could cancel the postfire of the Talon Rifle.

Paladins Beta Version 0.58.2083 (September 7, 2017)

  • WeaponAttack Strix Icon.png Talon Rifle
  • Damage reduced from 1300 to 1200.
  • Ability Flare.png Flare
  • Fixed a bug where flare was revealing enemies to Strix's team, now only reveals enemies to Strix.
  • Ability Stealth.png Stealth
  • Increased the initial energy cost of stealth by 65%
  • Reduced the Stealth energy charge rate by 20%
  • Increased the Minimum energy level required to enter stealth by 33%
  • Ability Flash Bang.png Flash Bang
  • Augmented the blind effect to be less jarring.

Paladins Beta Version 0.57.2045 (August 23, 2017)

  • Strix has been added to the game.

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