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Template-info.png Documentation

Documentation[edit source]

Code[edit source]

|name= <<name of item>>
|item= <<Cosmetic item category>>
|rarity= <<rarity item>>|<<count>>
|center= <<centered icon>>
|colored= <<colored>>}}

Usage[edit source]

  • Level:
Level on the Battle Pass
  • name of item:
The name of item as it is displayed in game client.
  • Cosmetic item category:
Category of the Cosmetic item. Can be one of this:
  • Spray
  • Avatar
  • Skin
  • Weapon
  • Mount
  • Loading Frame
  • Death Stamp
  • Title (no picture)
  • Music
  • Announcer
  • Mastery (no picture)
  • MVP
  • Emote
  • (Track) - displays Battle Pass Track Icon
  • Gold
  • Crystals
  • Challenge
  • Skin Booster
  • 5% Boost
  • Team Booster
  • Chest
  • rarity item:
Rarity of the item. Can be one of this:
  • count (optional):
The count of the item - usable when item is gold, crystal or a booster
  • centered icon:
if the picture is not a square, it can be centered if checked
  • colored (optional):
Level is highlighted with an other color

It's important that template itself must be placed within a tag with style display set to flex and flex-wrap to wrap.

Example[edit source]

<div style="display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap">
{{BattlePassItem|Track|name= Paid|item= Track|rarity= ||center=|colored=x}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 1|name= Beach Bash|item= Loading Frame|rarity= Epic||center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 2|name= Tier 1 Challenge|item= Challenge|rarity= Epic||center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 3|name= Skin Booster|item= Booster|rarity= Epic|1|center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 4|name= Team Booster|item= Booster|rarity= Epic|5|center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 5|name= Beach Bash|item= Skin|rarity= Epic|Kinessa|center=x}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 37|name= Team Booster|item= Booster|rarity= Common|3|center= }}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 38|name= |item= |rarity= ||center= }}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 39|name= is a Scallywag|item= Title|rarity= Rare||center= x}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 40|name= |item= |rarity= ||center= |colored=x}}


BP Paid Track.png
Level 1
Beach Bash
Loading Frame
Beach Bash Frame.png
Level 2
Tier 1 Challenge
BP Challenge.png
Level 3
Skin Booster
BP SB 1.png
Level 4
Team Booster
BP TB 5.png
Level 5
Beach Bash
Kinessa Skin
Beach Bash Skin
Level 37
Team Booster
BP TB 3.png

Level 39
is a Scallywag
Cosmetic Item Title Icon.png