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Template-info.png Documentation

Documentation[edit source]

Code[edit source]

|name= <<name of item>>
|item= <<Cosmetic item category>>
|rarity= <<rarity item>>|<<count>>
|center= <<centered icon>>
|colored= <<colored>>}}

Usage[edit source]

  • Level:
Level on the Battle Pass
  • name of item:
The name of item as it is displayed in game client.
  • Cosmetic item category:
Category of the Cosmetic item. Can be one of this:
  • Spray
  • Avatar
  • Skin
  • Weapon
  • Mount
  • Loading Frame
  • Death Stamp
  • Title (no picture)
  • Music
  • Announcer
  • Mastery (no picture)
  • MVP
  • Emote
  • (Track) - displays Battle Pass Track Icon
  • Gold
  • Crystals
  • Challenge
  • Skin Booster
  • 5% Boost
  • Team Booster
  • Chest
  • rarity item:
Rarity of the item. Can be one of this:
  • count (optional):
The count of the item - usable when item is gold, crystal or a booster
  • centered icon:
if the picture is not a square, it can be centered if checked
  • colored (optional):
Level is highlighted with an other color

It's important that template itself must be placed within a tag with style display set to flex and flex-wrap to wrap.

Example[edit source]

<div style="display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap">
{{BattlePassItem|Track|name= Paid|item= Track|rarity= ||center=|colored=x}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 1|name= Beach Bash|item= Loading Frame|rarity= Epic||center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 2|name= Tier 1 Challenge|item= Challenge|rarity= Epic||center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 3|name= Skin Booster|item= Booster|rarity= Epic|1|center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 4|name= Team Booster|item= Booster|rarity= Epic|5|center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 5|name= Beach Bash|item= Skin|rarity= Epic|Kinessa|center=x}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 37|name= Team Booster|item= Booster|rarity= Common|3|center= }}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 38|name= |item= |rarity= ||center= }}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 39|name= is a Scallywag|item= Title|rarity= Rare||center= x}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 40|name= |item= |rarity= ||center= |colored=x}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 67|name= Resistance's Daring|item= Chest|rarity= Currency|Battle|center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 68|name= Gold|item= Currency|rarity= Currency|17,500|center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 69|name= Team Booster|item= Booster|rarity= Common|4|center=}}
{{BattlePassItem|Level 70|name= Seeping Corruption|item= Skin|rarity= Limited|Grover|center=x|colored=x}}


BP Paid Track.png
Level 1
Beach Bash
Loading Frame
Beach Bash Frame.png
Level 2
Tier 1 Challenge
BP Challenge.png
Level 3
Skin Booster
BP SB 1.png
Level 4
Team Booster
BP TB 5.png
Level 5
Beach Bash
Kinessa Skin
Beach Bash Skin
Level 37
Team Booster
BP TB 3.png

Level 39
is a Scallywag
Cosmetic Item Title Icon.png

Level 67
Resistance's Daring
BP Battle Chest.png
Level 68
BP Coins 17,500.png
Level 69
Team Booster
BP TB 4.png
Level 70
Seeping Corruption
Grover Skin
Seeping Corruption Skin
December 14
Gingerdead House
Death Stamp
Death Stamp Gingerdead House Icon.png