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|image=<<image file>>
|frame type=<<frame type>>
|startdescription= <<startdescription>>
|enddescription= <<enddescription>>
|base= <<base>>
|step= <<step>>


  • name: The name of this card.
  • image file: Picture of the Card with file extension.
  • frame type: Look of the Frame. Could be one of this:
  • Silver (standard)
  • Gold
  • left: If checked, the card will be aligned left.
  • points: The point level of the card.
  • size: If checked, the whole picture will be smaller.
  • startdescription and enddescription: The in-game description of the card, but leaving out the changing size, so everything that is static.
  • base: the base amount at card level 1
  • step: the step amount for each level

It's important that template itself must be placed within a tag with style display set to flex and flex-wrap set to wrap.


|name=Sanctum of Faith
|image=Card Sanctum Of Faith.png
|frame type=Silver
|enddescription=% Moonlight every 1s when not using Moonlight.


Card Sanctum Of Faith.png

Sanctum of Faith
CardSkin Frame OB67 Silver Rare.png

Regenerate 3% Moonlight every 1s when not using Moonlight.