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Template-info.png Documentation

Documentation[edit source]

Usage[edit source]

This template helps to link Cosmetic Items or to display the pictures of the Cosmetic Item.

{{Cosmetic|<<Cosmetic Item>>|<<Additional Information>>|picture = x (optional)|size = ???px (optional size of the picture)
  • picture = x - to display Cosmetic Item picture (optional - additional information required)
  • size = ???px - to resize the height of the picture (default is 100px)
  • Cosmetic Item
  • Spray
  • Avatar
  • Skin
  • Weapon
  • Mount
  • Loading Frame
  • Death Stamp
  • Title (no picture)
  • Music
  • Announcer
  • Mastery (no picture)
  • MVP
  • Emote
  • (Track) - displays Battle Pass Track Icon
  • Gold
  • Crystals
  • Challenge
  • Skin Booster
  • 5% Boost
  • Team Booster
  • Chest
  • Additional Information
  • Always
  • Skin - champion's name
  • Weapon - champion's name
  • MVP - champion's name
  • Emote - champion's name
  • Track - name of the track e.g. Free, Paid, Plus
  • Gold - count of the gold
  • Crystals - count of the crystals
  • Skin Booster - count of the Skin Booster
  • Team Booster - count of the Team Booster
  • Chest - name of the Chest
  • Only by displaying the picture
  • Spray - name of the spray
  • Avatar - name of the avatar
  • Mount - name of the mount
  • Loading Frame - name of the loading frame
  • Death Stamp - name of the death stamp
  • Music - name of the music pack
  • Announcer - name of the announcer

Examples[edit source]

SprayAvatarKhan WeaponMountLoading FrameDeath StampTitleMusic PackAnnouncer PackMastery ItemMakoa MVP PoseCassie Emote

Huntsman, Epic

Pictures[edit source]

Makoa MVP PoseCassie EmoteAll Spray Destroyer Spray Icon.pngAvatar Cosplay Icon.pngAll Mount Crimson Serpent Icon.pngKraken's Frame.pngDeath Stamp Gingerdead House Icon.pngMusic Pack Rise of Furia.pngAnnouncer Bruce Buffer.pngCaecilian Rocket Launcher WeaponBP Paid Track.pngBP Free Track.pngBP Plus Track.pngBP Flair Chest.pngBP SB 5.png

Beach Bash Skin Cosmetic Item Title Icon.png DeathCard Queen Pepper.png

Announcer Bruce Buffer.png

Errors[edit source]

Icon None.png

add champion after skin

add champion after weapon

add champion after MVP

add champion after Emote