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Documentation[edit source]

Code[edit source]


Usage[edit source]

  • name: The name of item as it is displayed in game client.
  • icon: Link to a file to use as icon. If icon file does not exist, Temporary Item Icon.png will be used.
  • content: Preview of item. Usually a link to file, or link to list of voice lines for a Voice Pack.
  • rarity: Rarity of the item. Can be one of:
  • availability: Availability of the item. Can be one of:
  • source: The way item is obtained.
  • size: Minimal width of item card. When you want to make the item card box width beyond the image inside. Defaults to image size.
  • fixsize: You can make every item card the same size - Note: The rows will not be perfectly filled up. Space is left.

It's important that template itself must be placed within a tag with style display set to flex and flex-wrap set to wrap.

Example[edit source]

<div style="display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap;">{{CosmeticsItem
|icon=[[File:Androxus Collection Default Icon.png|150px]]
|content=[[File:Androxus Thumbnail.png|390px]]
|icon=[[File:Androxus Collection Wraith Icon.png|150px]]
|content=[[File:Androxus Wraith.png|390px]]
|source=[[File:Colossal Chest.png|30px|link=Gold Chest]]
|icon=[[File:Androxus Collection Exalted Icon.png|150px]]
|content=[[File:Androxus Exalted.png|390px]]
|source=30000 {{Gold}} or 160 {{Crystals}} or [[File:Diamond Chest.png|30px|link=Diamond Chest]]
|icon=[[File:Androxus Collection Imperator Icon.png|150px]]
|content=[[File:Androxus Imperator.png|390px]]
|source=2000 {{Gold}} or 50 {{Crystals}} or [[File:Lunar Chest.png|30px|link=Lunar Chest]]
|name=Stage 4
<!--|icon=[[File:Androxus Collection Stage 4 Icon.png|150px]]-->
|content=[[File:Androxus Stage 4.png|390px]]
|source=200 {{Crystals}} or [[File:Colossal Chest.png|30px|link=Gold Chest]]



Androxus Collection Default Icon.png
Androxus Thumbnail.png


(Common, Exclusive)

Androxus Collection Wraith Icon.png
Androxus Wraith.png

Colossal Chest.png


(Uncommon, Limited)

Androxus Collection Exalted Icon.png
Androxus Exalted.png

30000 Currency Gold.png or 160 Currency Crystals.png or Diamond Chest.png


(Legendary, Mastery)

Androxus Collection Imperator Icon.png
Androxus Imperator.png

2000 Currency Gold.png or 50 Currency Crystals.png or Lunar Chest.png

Stage 4

(Epic, Unlimited)

Androxus Stage 4.png

200 Currency Crystals.png or Colossal Chest.png