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Navbox Voice announcer

[[File:Announcer {{{1}}}.png|40px|link={{{1}}} Announcer pack]] [[{{{1}}} Announcer pack|{{{1}}}]]


{{Navbox Voice announcer|Name|Custom image file name}} 

Takes one or two arguments, first being name of the announcer, second one being the optional filename for image. If image is not provided, falls back to one generated using the name.

{{Navbox Voice announcer|Evie}} 

produces markup

<span style="white-space: nowrap;">[[File:Announcer Evie.png|40px|link=Evie Announcer pack]] [[Evie Announcer pack|Evie]]</span> 

Announcer Evie.png Evie

{{Navbox Voice announcer|Russian|Announcer International.png}} 

produces markup

<span style="white-space: nowrap;">[[File:Announcer International.png|40px|link=Russian Announcer pack]] [[Russian Announcer pack|Russian]]</span> 

Announcer International.png Russian

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