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GameMode Test Maps.png

The Test Maps queue is one of the Game Modes in Paladins. The player can test maps that are still in early development and can give feedback. Each map has been designed for a specific game mode and the player can never be sure which maps combined with which game modes are currently in rotation. An overview of all test maps can be found here.

Game Modes Current GameMode Unbound Siege.png Siege  •  GameMode Onslaught.png Onslaught  •  GameMode Deathmatch.png Team Deathmatch  •  GameMode Battlegrounds.png Ranked  •  GameMode Training.png Training vs AI  •  GameMode Custom3.png Custom

Game Modes Retired GameMode End Times.png End Times  •  GameMode Dragons Call.png Dragon's Call  •  GameMode Heaven And Hell.png.png Rise of Furia  •  GameMode Siege of Ascension Peak.png Siege of Ascension Peak  •  GameMode Payload Icon.png Payload  •  GameMode Battlegrounds Solo.png Survival  •  GameMode Custom3.png Battlegrounds  •  GameMode ShootingRange.png P.V.E  •  GameMode MotW.png Match of the Day  •  GameMode Onslaught.png Siege Only  •  GameMode Tutorial.png Capture Only