The Darkness Released

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We trusted you with our lives, Goddess. You told us the seal held evil at bay. But we fell prey to a different kind of evil. And so, I choose a stronger path. I choose the power to protect myself. I am coming for you Goddess (I am coming...), you and your land's peace. No matter what game you play, I will sweep the board of your pawns. Go ahead, warn them, I will not be stopped (Cannot be stopped...). Darkness will engulf this world (Darkness...) and I will be its herald! (*laughter*)

Ever since her childhood, Vora had always heard how their goddess, Io, loved and cared for them. Even when she was broken and not herself, Vora still believed. She joined the martial order tasked with protecting ancient seals. As things grew darker, crusades killing off her brothers and sisters, Vora still believed Io would save them. Io never came. Her faith shattered, Vora whispered to the Darkness, and the Darkness whispered back. She had found a new god, and she would use its power to end the vicious cycle of higher powers treating their subordinates as disposable pawns. The realm is headed towards a path of self-destruction, and Vora is more than happy to oblige.

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Complete Timeline

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